Adam McInnes

Adam McInnes


Adam McInnes headshot - Spring/Summer 2017 Intern

Adam is studying Economics and Economic and Social History at the University of Glasgow.  He has a particular interest in Scotland’s economic history and how this has influenced its past, present and how it will influence its future.

Adam says, “I have long been interested in Scottish politics and I am delighted to have the opportunity to undertake this internship.  I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how public servants work in modern Scotland.  In particular, I am looking forward to working with like-minded people who, although we may not agree on all political issues, care deeply about Scotland and its future.”

In addition to his interest in politics, Adam is a professional hockey coach and is currently the Head Coach of the University of Glasgow’s women’s hockey club.  He also played for Kelburne Hockey Club, the current Scottish Champions.

Host MSP: Humza Yousaf, Scottish National Party

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