Who are the beneficiaries?

Who are the beneficiaries?

2018 Parliamentary Interns‌Public events and community outreach seek to ensure that everyone in society gains a better sense of control and involvement in the way that they are governed. By working with both public service leaders and at a grass roots level, the Centre seeks to make everyone feel closer to the means of governing. ‌

University of Glasgow students benefit from hands-on learning experiences, which reinforces Glasgow's reputation for producing world leaders and create an empowering and attractive force for the promotion and advancement of public service.

Post-graduate students and researchers at Glasgow and beyond also benefit from opportunities to collaborate with local institutions and international thinkers, to explore the most pressing issues in public service today.

The Centre engages all segments of society in exploring contemporary attitudes, feelings and future intentions regarding public service, citizenship and engagement.

The Centre also works with relevant charities, community groups and schools to realise shared goals and to raise the profile of our work.

We welcome any discussions on how the Centre can develop best practice for influencing the role of public service in society. 

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