Catherine Smith

Photo of Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith is the co-founder and Chair of the John Smith Centre. She is an advocate practicing in Scotland. She studied History and Law at the University of Glasgow gaining an MA (Hons) and LLB and later gained her Diploma in Legal Practice at Strathclyde University.

As an advocate she is an ad hoc Advocate Depute and a Standing Junior for the Advocate General, as well as regularly representing people injured at work. Prior to becoming an advocate she worked in the law in Scotland and Australia, and internationally on conflict resolution and democracy building for the London based NGO LINKS, working particularly in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Catherine is involved in numerous activities promoting the rule of law and human rights in the UK and in developing democracies. She is a co-founder and now Vice Chair of JUSTICE Scotland, the Scottish representation of the UK organisation promoting justice and the rule of law. She is on the board of the John Smith Trust which runs programmes in good governance for emerging international leaders.

Catherine is John Smith's youngest daughter.