COVID 19 Exam Information

All undergraduate honours exams for the subjects within our school will take the format of a two-week open book exam. The exam paper will be available for students to access on moodle two weeks prior to the date stated in the exam timetable.

After the exam paper has been released students will have 10 working days in which to complete your exam answers.

On the day the exam is scheduled to take place, students will have a 24-hour window to upload exam answers.  The 24-hour period for submission will open at the appointed time the exam should have taken place. Students should allow for at least half an hour to upload exam answers to moodle.

Please note that exam times are as per British Summer Time (GMT+1). There is no allowance to account for geographical time differences. The timeframes for accessing the exam paper and uploading answers are therefore uk based only.

Advice and guidance is available on moodle. Please also read our School's exam Frequently Asked Questions

There is also further exam information available on the University's Coronavirus Information pages. 

As practices will vary across university (e.g. a different online exam, varying word count depending on subject), for exams taken in other Schools please check with the relevant school for their own exam information. 

We understand this is a very unsettling time and want to do all we can to support students during this period. Please contact the relevant course administrator with any questions on this exam information and guidance. Please note that academic staff are not permitted to discuss the content or interpretation of the exam questions.