First year plans

First year plans

Funding for CaCHE began in August 2017 and will continue until 2022.

In our first year we will undertake 12 evidence reviews and secondary data analyses across the six themes. We will develop a significant evidence base in areas we believe are of importance to our wider understanding of the UK housing system. 

The first year will involve setting up activities, recruitment, secondment programmes and network building.

In addition to the 12 evidence reviews, we will hold host a series of events, workshops and conferences. Plans for the first year include, a joint Housing Studies Association in the autumn, an international conference, an early career researchers’ event and a Scottish housing policy conference in early 2018. There will also be a series of 'Tobin' style meetings with representatives of housing policy and practice in order to develop priorities for evidence reviews.

The data navigator hub will be based at Cardiff University. It will produce a regular data monitor bulletin which will be published on our website along with all outputs, activities and events news, both local and national.