History of the School

The School was formed in 2010, bringing together well-established research and teaching programmes in Central and East European Studies, Economic and Social History, Politics, Sociology and Urban Studies. There is a long tradition of excellence in these subjects at the University of Glasgow, which we are committed to continuing. In the 1760s Adam Smith lectured at Glasgow University on justice, policing, revenue and arms. Our work continues the engagement with contemporary economic, social and cultural issues, taking a global and long-run perspective on social concerns and challenges.

The individual subjects developed from the late nineteenth century through individual staff research and teaching, and developed more formal departmental identities from the 1950s onwards. By the 1970s the subjects were part of a Faculty of Social Sciences and more recently were elements within the wider Faculty of Law, Business and Social Sciences. From 2010 the School was formed within a new College of Social Sciences along with the Business School, School of Education, School of Law, and the School of Interdisciplinary and Applied Studies at Dumfries. Our developing research strengths are evident in the activities of research centres which bring together groups of staff.

Subject area histories