Our international partners

The University of Glasgow has an extensive global network of partner institutions.

The School of Social & Environmental Sustainability is actively engaged in consolidating and developing specific partnerships where there is an appropriate academic fit.

Some are School-specific partners, some are long-standing university-wide partners, and others are collaborations with international work experience providers. 

International partners

The University has a large number of global partner institutions.

The School of Interdisiplinary Studies works particularly closely with the following international, non-EU universities:

In addition our students have undertaken periods of study abroad at, or we have hosted overseas students from, the following universities:

Universitas 21

The Universitas21 network offers a range of opportunities for collaboration within the following three themes:

  • Offering the best student experience
  • Educational innovation
  • Researcher development

Glasgow and U21

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies has particularly close links with:

McGill University

University of Amsterdam (via Amsterdam University College)

University of Queensland

European partners

The university has a large network of European partners. The School of Interdisciplinary Studies works particularly closely with the following institutions:

Amsterdam University College

University of Helsinki

International placement providers

Students across all three of our undergraduate programmes have the opportunity to undertake an international work placement, integral to their degree. International placement providers include:

Environmental Stewardship

Australian Koala Foundation, Brisbane

Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, Greece

World Glacier Monitoring Service, Zurich, Switzerland

Pöyry (environmental consultancy), Finland

Energy and Resources Institute, India

Primary Education

Berlin International School, Germany

Health & Social Policy

Trampoline House (centre for refugees and asylum seekers) Copenhagen, Denmark

Oak House School, Barcelona

Afj e.v. Kinder-und Jugendhilfe Bremen, Germany (children and youth support service)