Current Students/Course Information

This Session's course handbooks are below.  Please note these are for information only and the most up to date handbooks for current students can be found on the relevant Moodle pages.

If you are a current PGR student, all information related to your course can be found on the relevant PGR Moodle page.

Please note that if you are a student in the College of Science and Engineering and you are unable to contact your Adviser of Studies, the Senior Adviser for the school is Dr Linda Moxey.  You should get in touch with her if your enquiry is urgent. Students in other colleges should contact their college office or other contact as advised.

Student Life

Students studying in the School of Psychology also enjoy an active social life, much of which revolves around the Psychology Society. Away days, evening events, and team building exercises are also held at various times throughout the year, at different levels.

The Psychology Society is open to all those who study or who have an interest in the area of Psychology at the University of Glasgow.

The main aims of the society are:

  • to raise general Psychological awareness at the University of Glasgow
  • to get speakers in to talk about their area of interest in Psychology
  • to have social events for members