Submit an Ethics Application

This page should be read in conjunction with the MVLS ethics page

Step 1. Complete the MVLS ethics application Screening Form

The screening form can be found at the MVLS ethics page. A completed copy of this screening form must be included with your application as a supporting document. This screening form guides you where to apply and which forms to use for a new application to the MVLS ethics committee. Most CCNi applications include fMRI, MEG, EEG, TMS, tDCS, etc and will therefore require the MVLS interventional research ethics form.

Step 2. Preparing your Proposal

Please ensure that your research study falls into the “standard protocol category”: i.e. that it involves only healthy adult volunteers to be tested at the CCNi.  Read the Ethics Template provided below for the appropriate modality, ensuring your research fits with procedures. The information in these original templates can be used to complete the new MVLS interventional research ethics form. Minimise the changes from the templates to optimise the review process. 

Next, download below the Template Consent Form and Participant Info Sheet Specific to the modality you want to use (you are required to upload both when submitting your proposal). Edit these forms according to your specific study, again minimizing changes. It is important that you include the consent forms and participant information sheets listed below in your application, because they include specific information for brain imaging studies.


fMRI - 3T

fMRI - 7T

Local Rules

New CCNi MRI Researcher Rules - (CCNi Researcher Rules)

New CCNi MRI Operator Rules -  (CCNi MRI Operator Rules)


Further information on 7T @ ICE requires login.



Multi-Modal Studies

For studies that use MRI to inform/guide EEG, MEG or TMS experiments, two separate proposals should be submitted (with two separate information and consent forms) as the studies are carried out on separate dates and have different requirements.

Data Protection and CV

You might be required to complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), a Data Management Plan (DMP), and a Privacy Statement (PS) with your application. These forms can be downloaded on the MVLS ethics page, where you can also find the Curriculum vitae of principal researcher form. 

Step 3. Submit to Ethics Committee

When everything is ready, you can upload those documents as part of your online application to the College Ethics Committee

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