Mental Health and Wellbeing Research group meeting - 15th January

Published: 7 October 2019

Next Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Group - Wednesday 15th January

The next Mental Health and Wellbeing research group meeting will be on Wednesday 15th January at the Meeting Room from 13.00-14.00. We are delighted that Ms Betul Tatar will give us an overview of mindfulness and discuss recent findings from the Healthy Cognition Lab. This would be a great start to the discussions in the new year.

Please see the abstract below.

Mindfulness: A critical and practical introduction

Over the past few decades, mindfulness has become a buzzword in daily conversations, a powerful tool in psychotherapy, and a popular topic for scientific investigation, especially in the context of mental health and wellbeing. But what exactly is mindfulness, and is there scientific evidence to back up the ‘hype’ around its effects? In this talk, I will outline background scientific information, with a focus on the challenges of defining and measuring mindfulness. I will provide an overview of recent evidence on the effects of mindfulness, also sharing findings from our lab on the mechanisms of a brief mindfulness-based technique. My talk will include practical mindfulness exercises that can be used in daily life.

First published: 7 October 2019