There's more to sleep than beauty — Science Lates

Dr Maria Gardani and her students engaged members of the public about sleep at Science Lates at the Glasgow Science Centre on Friday 3 August.

Science Lates is a series of six events for those looking for something a bit different to do with their Friday evenings — strictly no kids allowed!

The events consist of shows, workshops and scientific debates, with a fully-stocked bar and tasty food, all under one roof in the amazing setting of the Science Centre.

Dr Gardani and her students invited members of the public to discover their chronotype, try on portable sleep monitors, and learn what sex, drugs & alcohol can do to our sleep, with activities going down really well with attendees.

Adela Beloucif, a fourth year joint Psychology & Neuroscience student who helped organise the event, said: “We were thrilled to see the public as interested as sleep as we are! We are grateful to the MVLS Engage Team for providing funding for the event, and hope to host similar events in future, as sleep is such an important topic for public health." 

Dr Maria Gardani, Lecturer at the School of Psychology, said: “It was a great engagement opportunity to talk to the general public about sleep and the work we are doing in the Sleep and Circadian Timing group at the School of Psychology.”

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First published: 29 August 2018