Teaching Reproducible Data Analysis with R Workshop

The Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology and the School of Psychology held a one-day workshop on teaching reproducible data analysis to students with R on Friday 9 March.

Our teaching team has successfully made the transition to teaching R across all undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and organised the event in order to share experiences, insights, and teaching materials with academic staff from other institutions.

The workshop was aimed at academics interested in making the transition to teaching reproducible research in R at their own institutions, although participation from institutions where R is already a core part of the curriculum was encouraged.

Attendees discussed the challenges associated with implementing this new approach, including staff re-training, supporting student learning through online help sessions, and computer-assisted assessment to handle large volumes of coursework.

This event was delivered with the support of the Scottish Branch of the British Psychology Society (BPS), but welcomed to academics from across the UK.

Dr Nick Riches, Lecturer in Speech & Language Pathology at Newcastle University tweeted: ‘Hugely impressed with the Glasgow team's approach to teaching R. Great community, innovative methods, dedicated teaching & willingness to share material. Take home message: it's all about community-building.’

Professor Vera Kempe, Professor of Psychology and Language Learning at Abertay University tweeted: ‘Sitting on train feeling inspired by awesome workshop on teaching reproducible data analysis in R. Incredible work you guys put into this!’

Dr Lisa DeBruine tweeted: ‘Thanks to everyone who came to the #PsyTeachR Workshop today. We had so many great conversations and are excited to hear what you all do in the future!’

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First published: 14 March 2018