MVLS Engagement Fund award for Dr Josie Fullerton


Congratulations to Dr Josephine Fullerton of the Brain Injury Research Group, who is among the first recipients of an award from the MVLS Engagement with Research Fund.

Josie has secured funds to co-ordinate an interactive panel event ‘Get’cha head in the game: tackling sports concussion’, which is scheduled to take place prestigious premiere evening of the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2018.

Over the past decade, sports concussion has become the major issue facing contact sport. Recognition that a degenerative brain disease previously thought exclusive to boxers was also affecting athletes from other sports has led to increasing concern about the immediate and long-term effects of brain injury in sport.

Globally, Scotland stands out as leading efforts in sport, medicine and science in understanding the issues and ensuring safest management across sport, which the panel will set out to explore.

The event will showcase current research from the University of Glasgow and Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, with a presentation by Dr Willie Stewart setting out the science of concussion and introducing the major issues surrounding brain injury research.

Following his introduction, an expert panel discussion moderated by BBC Scotland’s chief sports writer Tom English will feature Dr Alan Carson (University of Edinburgh), Ms Nuala Deans (Scotland International rugby player), Dr Geoff Cross (former Scotland international rugby player) and Mr Peter Robinson (campaigner for safe concussion management in sport).

The event is aimed at a wide audience, and will use questionnaires to gather feedback and assess impact across genders, ages and sporting backgrounds, building knowledge and determining how future engagement activities may be developed.

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First published: 6 December 2017