Scottish Universities Psychology Postgraduate Research Training

2014 Events

Due to a change in the funding structure, only 2 sessions were approved for funding this year. Click on the links below to find out more. Make sure to register for the events using the EventBrite page linked below.

Impact. Impact. Impact. - University of Aberdeen - 6 May 2014 (Register at EventBrite)

Applied Psychology - Glasgow Caledonian - 29 May 2014 


SUPPORT is a programme of training activities designed for Psychology PhD students in participating universities in Scotland to extend the range and depth of their knowledge of research techniques. Aimed mainly at first year PhD students, the workshops can also be attended by those taking research Masters (MSc or MPhil) or MRes degrees, or by students in later years of a PhD.

Last year, a new format was introduced with only 4 training days that were organised at 4 sites. This year 2 of the remaining 4 sites will organise another 2 days. SUPPORT is an essential part of general skills training.

Students who attend a training day will be reimbursed for their travel expenses. Each site will mount a workshop on a technique with which it has expertise. These workshops have been designed to introduce specific research techniques which will allow you to understand better a range of methods which you may not yourself use in your own research. This will allow you to understand the practicalities behind the wider literature that you will encounter as a psychologist, and sometimes will open up new methodological avenues for your own thesis. By attending workshops, you will also meet students at the same stage from other Scottish departments, and get a feel for what life is like at universities other than your own.

The training days may be supplemented by occasional residential events to be announced during the year.

Which Universities Participate?

Currently, the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian, Stirling, Strathclyde and St Andrews will be holding meetings with the students from these Universities and Napier University able to attend.

How is it funded?

In 1996 it was started-up with a special grant from SHEFC to Vicki Bruce (Stirling) and Mike Burton (Glasgow). This allowed us to run a pilot programme in 1996-7 and this continued in 1997/8. Then it was funded on a subscription basis until 2012, where departments paid an annual sum into a pool held in Glasgow. Since 2012 SUPPORT is funded by the Advanced Training Logistics Fund (ATFL) of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (an ESRC Doctoral Training Centre) by applying to the Fund for each SUPPORT day as a separate training event.

To find out more

Each site has a contact person who is kept in touch with SUPPORT activities.

The SUPPORT secretary Kirsty Mcaneny <Kirsty.Mcaneny@glasgow.ac.uk> can also help with any enquiries.

How to claim travel expenses

In order to claim any travel expenses, please download the expenses claim form and print it off. You should fill in your name, address and bank account details and sign on the bottom of the form. Please leave the Account/Project/Tax Code and Fac Ref fields blank - we will complete these details on your behalf. Please return the completed form along with your original receipts to the address below:

Kirsty Mcaneny
SUPPORT Secretary
Neuroscience & Psychology
Room 519 Level 5
58 Hillhead Street
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, G12 8QB