Miss Kirsten Russell

  • Teaching Assistant (School of Psychology)

telephone: 01413303603
email: Kirsten.Russell@glasgow.ac.uk

Research interests

Previously studied as an Undergraduate at The University of Glasgow, obtaining a Bsc (Hons) in Psychology in June 2011. Recently completed an Msc in Research Methods of Psychological Science (Distinction) under the supervision of Professor Stephany Biello in the field of sleep and circadian timing. Research currently focuses on the impact of non photic stimuli, both pharmacological and behavioural interventions, on the circadian pacemaker. Disruption of sleep is one of the most widely recognized consequences of normal age related changes in biological timing and may be a symptom of loss of effective synchronization to the external environment. Consequently, this research will place particular attention on the aged population with the intention of advancing our knowledge regarding the mechanisms underlying normal age related alterations in circadian clock function. Main interests lie in circadian rhythms, age related changes that occur in circadian clock function as well as the detrimental effect this can have on individuals mental and physical well being. Currently the Administrator for the Behavioural Sleep Medicine course within the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences at the University of Glasgow.