You may have noticed that you have a staff profile somewhere underneath Our staff.  And you may periodically notice that the content there is not up-to-date.  This is straightforward to fix, as your page is automatically generated from content held elsewhere:

1) Ensure that the information held by HR is correct.  If you gain a qualification or change title (e.g. Mr/Ms -> Dr), for example, and you want this reflected, let them know.  

2) Log into and edit your entry.  You can add a photo, add some text description of your work or job role, add contact details, add an ORCID or other research identifier, list teaching roles and more here.  (Much of this is regular html entry, so if you want any special formatting, use standard html markups).

3) Keep informing the library Enlighten team every time something is published or deposited in an archive or repository, so that your publications record is kept up to date.