Dr Felipe Isaule RodrĂ­guez

I joined the University of Glasgow as a Research Associate in June 2021, after working at the University of Barcelona as a postdoctoral researcher for about a year. Before that, I completed my PhD at the University of Manchester, whereas I completed my MSc and BSc studies at the University of Chile in my home country.
My research interests focus on the theoretical description of quantum gases, particularly aspects related to condensation, superfluidity and phase transitions. Even though I started my research career working in nuclear physics contexts, my interests have gradually shifted towards cold atom physics. Recently, I have been working on the description of cold atom mixtures using renormalisation group techniques. Systems with a mixture of different atomic species have attracted significant attention in quantum many-body physics. These mixtures can show novel physics, such as quantum droplets, which can be probed with current cold atom experiments.
At Glasgow, I have joined a project at the intersection between optics and cold atom physics. We aim to study atoms immersed in novel optical lattices designed with varying helicity. This project combines the research at Glasgow on optical helicity with my experience in cold atom systems.