'Ghostly' 3D images taken without a camera

Issued: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 11:20:00 BST

A simplified 3D imaging system that does not require a conventional camera has been developed by researchers in the UK. The computational imaging technique uses information from single-pixel detectors to create an image, can be used over a range of wavelengths and is cheaper than other 3D methods. The researchers claim that, in addition to taking images, their system could be used as a detector in oil and gas exploration as well as in medical and biological imaging systems.

 Most imaging systems – from cameras to the retinas in our eyes – capture images in 2D and then process the information to create a 3D image. While plenty of 3D imaging techniques exist – including stereoscopic, holographic and volumetric imaging – they are expensive and require bulky and specialist equipment, such as lenses and lasers. And despite all this advanced technology, the techniques only work for light at specific wavelengths. 

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