2015 publications

2015 publications

Magnetic soliton confinement and discretization effects arising from macroscopic coherence in a chiral spin soliton lattice
Togawa, Y. et al. (2015)
Physical Review B, 92, 220412(R)

Ground state search, hysteretic behaviour, and reversal mechanism of skyrmionic textures in confined helimagnetic nanostructures
Beg, M. et al. (2015)
Scientific Reports, 5, 17137

Magnetic characteristics of a high-layer-number NiFe/FeMn multilayer
Paterson, G.W., Goncalves, F.J.T., McFadzean, S., O'Reilly, S., Bowman, R., and Stamps, R.L.
Journal of Applied Physics, 118(20), 203903

Parallel axis theorem for free-space electron wavefunctions
Greenshields, C. R., Franke-Arnold, S., and Stamps, R. L.
New Journal of Physics, 17, 093015

Space and thickness influence on magnetization reversal in periodic cylinder shaped exchange spring
Hu, C.-l., Zhou, Y.-c., Liao, L., and Stamps, R.L.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 386, pp. 146-149

Narrow magnonic waveguides based on domain walls
Garcia-Sanchez, F., Borys, P., Soucaille, R., Adam, J.-P., Stamps, R. L., and Kim, J.-V.
Physical Review Letters, 114(24), 247206

Highly asymmetric magnetic domain wall propagation due to coupling to a periodic pinning potential
Novak, R.L. et al. (2015)
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 48(23), 235004

Anisotropy engineering using exchange bias on antidot templates
Goncalves, F. J. T., Desautels, R. D., Su, S., Drysdale, T., van Lierop, J., Lin, K.-W., Schmool, D. S., and Stamps, R. L.
AIP Advances, 5(6), 067101

Magnetic microscopy and topological stability of homochiral Néel domain walls in a Pt/Co/AlOx trilayer
MJ Benitez, A Hrabec, AP Mihai, TA Moore, G Burnell, D McGrouther, CH Marrows & S McVitie
Nature Comm. 6 (2015), 8957

Lorentz TEM Imaging of Stripe Structures Embedded in a Soft Magnetic Matrix
M A Basith, S McVitie, T Strache, M Fritzsche, A Muecklich, J Fassbender, and J McCord
Phys. Rev. Applied 4 (2015), 034012

4D STEM: High efficiency phase contrast imaging using a fast pixelated detector
H Yang, L Jones, H Ryll, M Simson, H Soltau, Y Kondo, R Sagawa, H Banba, I MacLaren, and P D Nellist
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 644 (2015) 012032

Strain localization in thin films of Bi(Fe,Mn)O3 due to the formation of stepped Mn4+-rich antiphase boundaries
I MacLaren, B Sala, S M L Andersson, T J Pennycook, J Xiong, Q X Jia, E-M Choi, J L MacManus-Driscoll
Nanoscale Research Letters 10 (2015) 407

Electron Tomography Image Reconstruction using Data-Driven Adaptive Compressed Sensing
A AlAfeef, W P Cockshott, I MacLaren, S McVitie
Scanning (2015) in press

Rapid surfactant-free synthesis of Mg(OH)2 nanoplates and pseudomorphic dehydration to MgO
J M Hanlon, L Bravo Diaz, G Balducci, B A Stobbs, M Bielewski, P Chung, I MacLaren and D H Gregory
CrystEngComm 17 (2015) 5672-5679

Stabilisation of Fe2O3-rich Perovskite Nanophase in Epitaxial Rare-earth Doped BiFeO3 Films
H R Zhang, I M Reaney, D Marincel, S Trolier-McKinstry, Q M Ramasse, I MacLaren, S D Findlay, R Fraleigh, I M Ross, S B Hu, W Ren, W M Rainforth
Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 13066

Interface reactions in LSMO-metal hybrid structures, N Homonnay, KJ O'Shea, C Eisenschmidt, M Wahler, DA MacLaren and G Schmidt
Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (2015) 22196

Investigating the effects of contacting functional oxide films
KJ O’Shea, N Homonnay, G Schmidt and DA MacLaren.
J Phys: Conf. Ser. 644 (2015) 012001

Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy of a Chiral Plasmonic Structure
GW Paterson, A Karimullah, SDR Williamson, M Kadodwala and DA MacLaren
J Phys: Conf. Ser. 644 (2015) 012005

Beating the Stoner criterion using molecular interfaces
F Al Ma’Mari, T Moorsom, G Teobaldi, W Deacon, T Prokscha, H Luetkens, S Lee, GE Sterbinsky, DA Arena, DA MacLaren, M Flokstra, M Ali, MC Wheeler, G Burnell, BJ Hickey and O Cespedes
Nature 524 (2015) 69

Nanoscale mapping of the magnetic properties of (111)-oriented La0.67Sr0.33MnO3
KJ O'Shea, DA MacLaren, D McGrouther, D Schwarzbach, M Jungbauer, S Hühn, V Moshnyaga and RL Stamps
NanoLetters 15 (2015) 5868

Metal Distributions, Efficient n-Type Doping, and Evidence for in-Gap States in TiNiMySn (M = Co, Ni, Cu) half-Heusler Nanocomposites
R A Downie, R I Smith, D A MacLaren, and J-W G Bos
Chem. Mater., 27 (2015) 2449

Opal-A in the Nakhla meteorite: A tracer of ephemeral liquid water in the Amazonian crust of Mars
M R Lee, I MacLaren, S M L Andersson, A Kovács, T Tomkinson, D F Mark, C L Smith
Meteoritics and Planetary Science (2015) 1362-1377

Utilising DualEELS to probe the nanoscale mechanisms of the corrosion of Zircaloy-4 in 350°C pressurised water
K J Annand, I MacLaren, M Gass
J. Nucl. Mater., 465 (2015) 390-399

Morphology and local electrical properties of PTB7:PC71BM blends
A Alekseev, GJ Hedley, A Al-Afeef, OA Ageevd and IDW Samuel
J. Mat. Chem. A 3 (2015) 8706

On the origin of differential phase contrast at a locally charged and globally charge-compensated domain boundary in a polar-ordered material
I MacLaren, L Q Wang, D McGrouther, A J Craven, S McVitie, R Schierholz, A Kovács, J Barthel and R E Dunin-Borkowski
Ultramicroscopy 154 (2015) 58-63

Engineering Magnetic Domain-Wall Structure in Permalloy Nanowires
MJ Benitez, MA Basith, RJ Lamb, D McGrouther, S McFadzean, DA MacLaren, A Hrabec, CH Marrows and S McVitie
Phys. Rev. Applied 3 (2015) 034008

Order within disorder: The atomic structure of ion-beam sputtered amorphous tantala (a-Ta2O5),
R Bassiri, F Liou, MR Abernathy, AC Lin, N Kim, A Mehta, B Shyam, RL Byer, EK Gustafson, M Hart, I MacLaren, IW Martin, RK Route, S Rowan, JF Stebbins and MM Fejer,
APL Materials 3 (2015) 036103

Aberration corrected Lorentz scanning transmission electron microscopy
S McVitie, D McGrouther, S McFadzean, DA MacLaren, KJ O’Shea and MJ Benitez
Ultramicroscopy 152 (2015) 57

Metastable magnetic domain walls in cylindrical nanowires
CA Ferguson, DA MacLaren and S McVitie
J. Magn. Magn. Matter 381 (2015) 457

Concentric 360° domain wall nesting in magnetic tunnel junction films: a lorentz TEM study
KJ O’Shea, K Rode, H Kurt, D McGrouther and DA MacLaren
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 48 (2015) 055001

Spectrum imaging of complex nanostructures using DualEELS: I. digital extraction replicas
J Bobynko, I MacLaren and AJ Craven
Ultramicroscopy 149 (2015) 9-20

The application of inelastic neutron scattering to investigate a hydrogen pre-treatment stage of an iron Fischer-Tropsch catalyst
R Warringham, NG Hamilton, IP Silverwood, C How, PB Webb, RP Tooze, W Zhou, CD Frost, SF Parker and D Lennon
Applied Catalysis A: General, 489 (2015) 209

Filming the formation and fluctuation of skyrmion domains by cryo-Lorentz transmission electron microscopy
J Rajeswaria, P Huang, G F Mancinia, Y Murookaa, T Latychevskaia, D McGrouther, M Cantoni, E Baldini, J S White,  A Magrez, T Giamarchi, H M Rønnow, and F Carbonea
PNAS 112 (2015) 14212–14217