2014 publications

2014 publications

Electron Microscopy Roadmap [prepared for the EPSRC]
A working group on the provision of electron microscopy in the physical and engineering sciences (EMPESWG)
P. D. Nellist, Q. M. Ramasse, J. Skepper, R. M. D. Brydson, E.B. Boyes, P. D. Brown, I. MacLaren, S. J. Haigh, R. T. Baker, A. I. Kirkland, D. Emmerson (2014)

Measuring and tailoring the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in perpendicularly magnetized thin films
Hrabec, A., Porter, N.A., Wells, A., Benitez, M.J., Burnell, G., McVitie, S., McGrouther, D., Moore, T.A. and Marrows, C.H.
Physical Review B, 90. (2014) 020404-1 - 020402-5

Beam‐induced fe nanopillars as tunable domain‐wall pinning sites
Franken, J.H., van der Heijden, M.A., Ellis, T.H., Lavrijsen, R., Daniels, C., McGrouther, D., Swagten, H.J.M., Koopmans, B.
Advanced Functional Materials, 24. (2014) 3508 - 3514

Spin canting induced large nonreciprocal Goos-Hänchen shifts
Macedo, R., Stamps, R. L., and Dumelow, T.
Optics Express, 22 [23] (2014) 28467-28478. ISSN 1094-4087

The 2014 magnetism roadmap
Stamps, R. et al.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 47 [33] (2014) 333001

Exchange-dominated eigenmodes in sub-100 nm permalloy dots: A micromagnetic study at finite temperature.
Carlotti, G., Gubbiotti, G., Madami, M., Tacchi, S., and Stamps, R. L.
Journal of Applied Physics, 115 [17] (2014) 17D119

Focus on artificial frustrated systems.
Cumings, J., Heyderman, L. J., Marrows, C. H., and Stamps, R. L.
New Journal of Physics, 16 [7] (2014) 075016

Nonreciprocal spin-wave channeling along textures driven by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
Garcia-Sanchez, F., Borys, P., Vansteenkiste, A., Kim, J.-V., and Stamps, R. L.
Physical Review B, 89 [22] (2014) p. 224408

Is the angular momentum of an electron conserved in a uniform magnetic field?
Greenshields, C. R., Stamps, R. L., Franke-Arnold, S., and Barnett, S.
Physical Review Letters (2014) ISSN 0031-9007 (Accepted for Publication)

Emergence of skyrmion lattices and bimerons in chiral magnetic thin films with nonmagnetic impurities
Silva, R. L., Secchin, L. D. , Moura-Melo, W. A. , Pereira, A. R., and Stamps, R. L.
Physical Review B, 89 [5] (2014) 054434

Artificial Spin Ice: The unhappy wanderer,
Stamps, R. L.,
Nature Physics 10 (2014) 623-624

Determining the Electronic Performance Limitations in Top-Down Fabricated Si Nanowires with Mean Widths Down to ~4 nm,
MMA Mirza, DA MacLaren, A Samarelli, BM Holmes, H Zhou, S Thoms, D Macintyre and DJ Paul.
Nanoletters 14 (2014) 6056

Competing strain relaxation mechanisms in epitaxially grown Pr0.48Ca0.52MnO3 on SrTiO3,
A Herpers, KJ O’Shea, DA MacLaren, M Noyong, B Rösgen, U Simon and Regina Dittmann
APL Materials 2 (2014) 106106.

Investigating the effect of a stress-based uniaxial anistropy on the magnetic behaviour of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 elements,
KJ O’Shea, K Bova, D McGrouther and DA MacLaren
EPJ Web of Conferences 75 (2014) 05017

The templated growth of a chiral transition metal chalcogenide,
MO King, IM McLeod, D Hesp, VR Dhanak, A Tadich, L Thomsen, BCC Cowie, DA MacLaren and M Kadodwala.
Surf. Sci. 629 (2014) 94

Dielectric response of pentagonal defects in multilayer graphene nano-cones, 
FS Hage, DM Kepaptsoglou, CR Seabourne, QM Ramasse, AJ Scott, Ø Prytz, AE Gunnæs, G Helgesen, 
Nanoscale 6 (2014) 1833-1839

Atomic-resolution electron energy loss studies of precipitates in an Al–Mg–Si–Cu–Ag alloy, 
S Wenner, CD Marioara, QM Ramasse, DM Kepaptsoglou, FS Hage, R Holmestad, 
Scripta Materialia 74 (2014) 92-95

Aberration corrected STEM of iron rhodium nanoislands, 
MJ McLaren, FS Hage, M Loving, QM Ramasse, LH Lewis, CH Marrows, RMD Brydson, 
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 552 (2014) 012039

Room temperature Ferrimagnetism and Ferroelectricity in Strained, Thin Films of BiFe0.5Mn0.5O3
E-M Choi, T Fix, A Kursumovic, C J Kinane, D Arena, S-L Sahonta, Z X Bi, J Xiong, L Yan, J-S Lee, H Wang, S Langridge, Y-M Kim, A Y Borisevich, I MacLaren, Q M Ramasse, M G Blamire, Q Jia and J L MacManus-Driscoll
Adv. Func. Mater. (2014) DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201401464

The microstructure and microtexture of zirconium oxide films studied by transmission electron backscatter diffraction and automated crystal orientation mapping with transmission electron microscopy
A Garner, A Gholinia, P Frankel, M Gass, I MacLaren and M Preuss
Acta Mater. 80 (2014) 159-171

Development of Aberration Corrected Differential Phase Contrast (DPC) STEM
D McGrouther, M J Benitez, S McFadzean and S McVitie
JEOL News 49 (2014) 2

The atomic structure and chemistry of Fe-rich steps on antiphase boundaries in Ti-doped Bi0.9Nd0.15FeO3,
I MacLaren, L Q Wang, A J Craven, Q M Ramasse, B Schaffer, K Kalantari, I M Reaney, 
APL Materials 2 (2014) 066106.

Compressed Sensing Electron tomography using adaptive dictionaries: a simulation study,
A Al-Afeef, P Cockshott, I MacLaren and S McVitie,
J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 522 (2014) 012021.

Nanocharacterisation of precipitates in austenite high manganese steels with advanced techniques: HRSTEM and DualEELS mapping,
J Bobynko, A J Craven, D McGrouther, I MacLaren and G Paul,
J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 522 (2014) 012031.

Investigating the medium range order in amorphous Ta2O5 coatings,
R Bassiri, M Hart, R L Byer, K B Borisenko, K Evans, M M Fejer, A C Lin, I MacLaren, A S Markosyan, I W Martin, R K Route and S Rowan,
J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 522 (2014) 012043.

Nonreciprocal spin-wave channeling along textures driven by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction,
Felipe Garcia-Sanchez, Pablo Borys, Arne Vansteenkiste, Joo-Von Kim, and Robert L. Stamps,
Phys. Rev. B 89 (2014) 224408.

Resistive switching in ZrO2 films: physical mechanism for filament formation and dissolution,
P Parreira, S McVitie and DA MacLaren,
J. Phys.:Conf. Ser. 522 (2014) 012045.

Silver antimony Ohmic contacts to moderately doped n-type germanium,
D C S Dumas, K Gallacher, R Millar, I MacLaren, M Myronov, D R Leadley and D J Paul,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 104 (2014) 162101.

Fabrication of high quality plan-view TEM specimens using the focused ion beam,
KJ O’Shea, D McGrouther, C Ferguson, M Jungbauer, S Hühn, V Moshnyaga and DA MacLaren,
Micron 66 (2014) 9.

Long-ranged magnetic proximity effects in noble metal-doped cobalt probed with spin-dependent tunnelling,
MS Gabureac, DA MacLaren, H Courtois and CH Marrows,
New J. Physics 16 (2014) 043008.

Muon studies of Li+ diffusion in LiFePO4 nanoparticles of different polymorphs,
TE Ashton, JV Laveda, DA MacLaren, PJ Baker, A Porch, MO Jones and SA Corr,
J. Mater. Chem. A, 2 (2014), 6238.

Thermoelectric Performance of Multiphase XNiSn (X = Ti, Zr, Hf) half-Heusler Alloys,
RA Downie, DA Maclaren and J-W Bos,
J. Mater. Chem. A 2 (2014) 6107.

Non-equilibrium dynamic control of gold nanoparticle and hyper-branched nanogold assemblies,
V Sans, S Glatzel, FJ Douglas, DA Maclaren, A Lapkinc and L Cronin,
Chem. Sci. 5 (2014) 1153 .

Aberration Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy for Atomic Resolution Studies of Functional Oxides
I MacLaren and Q M Ramasse
International Materials Reviews 59 (2014) 115-131.

Structure-function relations in diF-TES-ADT blend organic field effect transistors studied by scanning probe microscopy,
AB Naden, J Loos and DA MacLaren,
J. Mater. Chem. C 2 (2014) 245.

Formation of octapod MnO nanoparticles with enhanced magnetic properties through kinetically-controlled thermal decomposition of polynuclear manganese complexes,
FJ Douglas, DA Maclaren, F Tuna, W Holmes, C Berry and M Murrie,
Nanoscale 6 (2013) 172.

The structural analysis of Cu(111)-Te (√3 × √3) R30° and (2√3 × 2√3)R30° surface phases by quantitative LEED and DFT,
M Lahti, A Chaudhuri, K Pussia, D Hesp, IM McLeod, VR Dhanak, MO King, M Kadodwala and DA MacLaren.
Surf. Sci. 622 (2014) 35

Controlling magnetic anisotropy in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 nanostructures,
M Wahler, B Buttner, H-H Blaschek, N Homonnay, O Wid, KJ O’Shea, D McGrouther, DA MacLaren and G Schmidt
Appl. Phys. Lett. 104 (2014) 052408

Three-dimensional imaging of polymer materials by Scanning Probe Tomography,
A Alekseeva, A Efimov, J Loos, N Matskof and J Syurik,
Eur. Polymer J. 52 (2014) 154