2013 publications

2013 publications

Effect os substrate temperature on the magnetic properties of epitaxial sputter-gorwn Co/Pt
A Mihai, A Whiteside, E Canwell, C Marrows, M J Benitez Romero, D McGrouther, S McVitie, and T Moore
Applied Physics Letters, 103 (2013) 262401.

Cryogenic measurements of mechanical loss of high-reflectivity coating and estimation of thermal noise
M Granata, K Craig, G Cagnoli, C Carcy, W Cunningham, J Degallaix, R Flaminio, D Forest, M Hart, J Hennig, J Hough, I MacLaren, I W Martin, C Michel, N Morgado, S Otmani, L Pinard, and S Rowan
Optics Letters, 38 (2013) 5268-5271.

Local stabilisation of polar order at charged antiphase boundaries in antiferroelectric (Bi0.85Nd0.15)(Ti0.1Fe0.9)O3,
I MacLaren, L Q Wang, O Morris, A J Craven, R L Stamps, B Schaffer, Q M Ramasse, S Miao, K Kalantari, I Sterianou, I M Reaney,
APL Materials, 1 (2013) 021102.

Increased efficiency of direct nanoimprinting on planar and curved bulk titanium through surface modification,
A I M Greer, K Seunarinea, A Z Khokhara, I MacLaren, A S Brydone, D A J Moran, N Gadegaard, 
Microelectronic Engineering, 112 (2013) 67-73.

Mask assisted fabrication of nanoislands of BiFeO3 by ion beam milling,
A. Morelli, F. Johann, N. Schammelt, D. McGrouther and I. Vrejoiu,
J. Appl. Phys. 113 (2013) 154101.

Novel Nanorod Precipitate Formation in Neodymium and Titanium Codoped Bismuth Ferrite,
I MacLaren, L Q Wang, B Schaffer, Q M Ramasse, A J Craven, S M Selbach, N A Spaldin, S Miao, K Kalantari, I M Reaney,
Adv. Func. Mater. 23 (2013) 683.

Correlations between the mechanical loss and atomic structure of amorphous TiO2-doped Ta2O5 coatings,
R Bassiri, K Evans, K B Borisenko, M M Fejer, J Hough, I MacLaren, I W Martin, R K Route, S Rowan,
Acta Mater., 61 (2013) 1070.

Electron microscopy under pressure: towards atomic-resolved imaging of catalysts in realistic conditions,
DA MacLaren,
Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 525 (2013) A101 .

Enhanced thermoelectric performance in TiNiSn-based half-Heuslers, RA Downie,
DA MacLaren, RI Smith and JWG Bos,
Chem. Commun. 49 (2013) 4184 .

Melting of hexagonal skyrmion states in chiral magnets,
MC Ambrose and RL Stamps,
New Journal of Physics 15 (2013) 053003

Monte Carlo simulation of the effects of higher-order anisotropy on the spin reorientation transition in the two-dimensional Heisenberg model with long-range interactions, 
MC Ambrose and RL Stamps,
Physical Review B 87 (2013) 184417

Magnetic stripe domain pinning and reduction of in-plane magnetisation,
MC Ambrose and RL Stamps,
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 344 (2013) 140

Spatially periodic domain wall pinning potentials: Asymmetric pinning and dipolar biasing,
PJ Metaxas, P-J Zermatten, RL Novak, S Rohart, J-P Jamet, R Weil, J Ferre, A Mougin, RL Stamps, G Gaudin, V Baltz, B Rodmacq,
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (2013) 073906

Probing nanowire edge roughness using an extended magnetic domain wall,
KJ O'Shea, J Tracey, S Bramsiepe and RL Stamps,
Applied Physics Letters 102 (2013)

Unexpected exchange bias behaviour in CoFeB ultrathin films for MTJ sensors investigated by Lorentz microscopy,
E Bellini, S McVitie, DA MacLaren, KO’Shea, JN Chapman, J Cao, S Cardoso and PP Freitas,
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 46(2013) 305001.

Artificial ferroic systems: novel functionality from structure, interactions and dynamics,
LJ Heyderman and RL Stamps.
J. Phys.: Cond. Matter 25 (2013) 363201.

Magnetic and FMR Study on CoFe2O4/ZnFe2O4 Bilayers,
BN Sahu, SC Sahoo, N Venkataramani, S Prasad, R Krishnan, M Kostylev and RL Stamps,
IEEE Trans. Magnetics 49 (2013) 4200.

Disorder Strength and Field-Driven Ground State Domain Formation in Artificial Spin Ice: Experiment, Simulation, and Theory,
Z Budrikis, JP Morgan, J Akerman, A Stein, P Politi, S Langridge, CH Marrows, RL Stamps,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 (2013) 089902.

Frequency Dependent FMR Studies on Pulsed Laser Ablated YIG Films deposited on (111) GGG substrate,
B Bhoi, N Venkataramani, RPRC Aiyar, S Prasad, M Kostylev and RL Stamps
AIP Conference Proceedings 1512 (2013) 692.

Non-linear conductivity dependence on temperature in graphene-based polymer nanocomposite,
P. Syurik, O.A. Ageev, D.I. Cherednichenko, B.G. Konoplev and A. Alexeev,
IEEE Trans. Magnetics 63 (2013) 371.

Effect of horizontal magnetization reversal of the tips on magnetic force microscopy images,
A Alekseev, A Popkov, A Shubin, F Pudonin and N Djuzhev,
Ultramicroscopy 136 (2013) 91.

Determining the optimum morphology in high-performance polymer-fullerene organic photovoltaic cells,
GJ Hedley, AJ Ward, A Alekseev, CT Howells, ER Martins, LA Serrano, G Cooke, A Ruseckas and IDW Samuel
Nature Communications 4 (2013) 2867.

Book Chapters

Book Chapters

R. L. Stamps, “Magnetism”, in Lecture Notes from the Mittlewihr School on Magnetism and Synchrotron Radiation, (Springer, 2013, to appear)

Graphene-Based Polymer Nanocomposites: Imaging of 3-D Graphene Network in a Polymer Matrix Using SEM,
J Syurik, OA Ageev and A Alekseev
Chapter 7 in e-book: Nano- and Piezoelectric Technologies, Materials and Devices, 2013, Ed.: I. Parinov, Nova Publisher, NY, ISBN: 978-1-62948-231-6 481 (2013) 55.

3D Imaging of Material Properties by a Combination of Scanning Probe Microscope and an Ultramicrotome,
A Alekseev, AE Efimov, NB Matsko, J Loos
Chapter in e-book: 3D Reconstruction: Methods, Applications and Challenges, 2013, Editors: J. Ashworth and K. Brasher, Nova Publisher, NY, ISBN: 978-1-62948-266-8..

Researching Influence of IBAD PLD Parameters on Properties of Nanocrystalline ZnO Thin Films,
OA Ageev, DA Golosov, EG Zamburg, AM Alexeev et al.
Applied Mechanics and Materials 481 (2013) 55.