2011 publications

2011 publications

M R Abernathy, S Reid, E Chalkley, R Bassiri, I W Martin, K Evans, M M Fejer, A Gretarsson, G M Harry, J Hough, I MacLaren, A Markosyan, P Murray, R Nawrodt, S Penn, R Route, S Rowan and P Seidel
"Cryogenic mechanical loss measurements of heat-treated hafnium dioxide"
Class. Quantum Grav. 28, 195017, 2011

M A Basith, S McVitie, D McGrouther, J N Chapman, and J M R Weaver
"Direct comparison of domain wall behavior in permalloy nanowires patterned by electron beam lithography and focused ion beam milling"
J Appl Phys, 110, 083904-1 - 083904-8, 2011

R Bassiri, K B Borisenko, D J H Cockayne, J Hough, I MacLaren, S Rowan
"Probing the atomic structure of amorphous Ta2O5 coatings"
Appl Phys Lett, 98, 031904-1 - 031904-3, 2011

Z Budrikis, R L Stamps, N Wiese and J N Chapman
"Disordered chain model of cross tie wall spacing"
Physical Review B, 84, 024423, 2011

L Carassiti, A Jones, P Harrison, P S Dobson, S Kingman, I MacLaren and D H Gregory
"Ultra-rapid, sustainable and selective synthesis of silicon carbide powders and nanomaterials via microwave heating"
Energy Environ. Sci., 4, 1503 - 1510, 2011

S Chen, D A MacLaren, R T Baker, J N Chapman, S Lee, D J Cole-Hamilton, P André
"Inhomogeneous composition of alloyed iron–platinum magnetic nanoparticles synthesized at low temperature"
J. Mater. Chem., 2011, Advance Article

A J Craven, B Schaffer, M C Sarahan
"Nanoanalysis of a sub-nanometre reaction layer in a metal inserted high-k gate stack"
Microelectronic Engineering, 88, 1488-1491, 2011

V Gunawan and R L Stamps
"Surface and bulk polaritons in a PML-type magnetoelectric multiferroic with canted spins: TE and TM polarization"
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, 23, 105901, 2011

C L Hu, R Magaraggia, H Y Yuan, C S Chang, M Kostylev, D Tripathy, A O Adeyeye, R L and Stamps
"Field tunable localization of spin waves in antidot arrays"
Applied Physics Letters, 98, 262508, 2011

N H Luong, N H Hai, N D Phu and D A MacLaren
"Co-Pt nanoparticles encapsulated in carbon cages prepared by Sonoelectrodeposition"
Nanotechnology 22, 285603, 2011

R Magaraggia, M Kostylev, R L Stamps, K W Lin, J Y Guo, K J Yang, R D Desautels, and J van Lierop
"Characterization of Exchange-Biased CoFe/(Co,Fe)O Thin Films by Magnetometry and Ferromagnetic Resonance Techniques"
IEEE Transactions On Magnetics, 47, 1614-1618, 2011

R Magaraggia, K Kennewell, M Kostylev, R L Stamps, M Ali, D Greig, B J Hickey, C H and Marrows
"Exchange anisotropy pinning of a standing spin-wave mode"
Physical Review B, 83, 054405, 2011

R Magaraggia, M Kostylev, R L Stamps, K-W Lin, J-Y Guo, K-J Yang, R D Desautels and J van Lierop
"Characterization of Exchange-Biased CoFe/(Co,Fe)O Thin Films by Magnetometry and Ferromagnetic Resonance Techniques"
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 47, 1614-1618, 2011

C M McGilvery, D W McComb, S De Gendt, E A Payzant, M MacKenzie, A J Craven
"Characterization of hafnia powder prepared from an oxychloride sol-gel"
J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 94, 886-894, 2011

D A J Moran, D A MacLaren, S Porro, H McLelland, P John and J I B Wilson
"Processing of 50 nm gate-length hydrogen terminated diamond FETs for
high frequency and high power applications"
Microelectronic Engineering 88, 2691, 2011

D T Ngo, A Hashimoto, S McVitie, et al.
"Nanoscale physical microstructure and micromagnetic behaviour of CoIr film with negative anisotropy"
J. Phys. D-Applied Physics, 44, 095001, 2011

P Politi, P J Metaxas, J-P Jamet, R L Stamps and J Ferre
"Model of bound interface dynamics for coupled magnetic domain walls"
Physical Review B, 84, 054431, 2011

A E Ross, D A MacLaren and W Allison
"Finite element analysis of adaptive atom-optical mirrors"
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 44, 2011

N Ross, M Kostylev, and R L Stamps
"Effect of disorder studied with ferromagnetic resonance for arrays of tangentially magnetized submicron Permalloy disks fabricated by nanosphere lithography"
Journal of Applied Physics, 109, 013906, 2011

T Saerbeck, N Loh, D Lott, B P Toperverg, A M Mulders, A Fraile Rodriguez, J W Freeland, M Ali, B J Hickey, A P J Stampfl, F Klose, R L Stamps
"Spatial Fluctutations of Loose Spin Coupling in CuMn/Co Multilayers"
Physical Review Letters 107, 12720,1 2011

L H G Tizei, A J Craven, L F Zagonel, M. Tence, O Stephan, T Chiaramonte, M A Cotta, D Ugarte
“Enhanced Eshelby Twist on ThinWurtzite InP Nanowires and Measurement
of Local Crystal Rotation”
Physical Review Letters 107, 195503-1 - 195503-5, 2011

T Q H Tran, D T Ngo, S McVitie  et al.
"Optical properties of Mn-doped ZnS semiconductor nanoclusters synthesized by a hydrothermal process"
Optical Materials 33, 308-314, 2011