2010 publications

2010 publications

F Azough, R Freer, B Schaffer
"Direct Observation of A-Site Vacancies and a Twin Boundary Structure in La2/3TiO3-Based Ceramics Using HAADF/STEM"
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 93, 1237-1240, 2010

F Borgatti, I Bergenti, F Bona, V Dediu, A Fondacaro, S Huotari, G Monaco, D A MacLaren, J N Chapman, G Panaccione
"Understanding the role of tunnelling barriers in organic spin valves by hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy"
Appl Phys Lett, 96, 043306-1 - 043306 - 3, 2010

D A Eustace, D W McComb, A J Craven
"Probing magnetic order in EELS of chromite spinels using both multiple scattering (FEFF8.2) and DFT (WIEN2k)"
Micron, 41, 547-553, 2010

K Fladischer, H Reingruber, T Reisinger, V Mayrhofer, W E Ernst, A E Ross, D A MacLaren, W Allison, D Litwin, J Galas, S Sitarek, P Nieto, D
Barredo, D Farias, R Miranda, B Surma, A Miros, B Piatkowski, E Sondergard, B Holst
"An ellipsoidal mirror for focusing of neutral atomic and molecular beams"
New J. Phys. 12, 033018, 2010

M C Hickey, D T Ngo, S Lepadatu, et al.
“Spin-transfer torque efficiency measured using a Permalloy nanobridge”
Appl Phys Lett, 97, 202505, 2010

C Huang, G Fratesi, D A MacLaren, W Luo, G P Brivio, W Allison
"Charge redistribution in the formation of one-dimensional lithium wires on Cu(001)"
Phys. Rev. B, 82, 081413-1 - 081413-4, 2010

I MacLaren, R Villaurrutia, A Pelaiz-Barranco
"Domain stuctures and nanostructures in incommensurate antiferroelectric PbxLa1-x(Zr0.9Ti0.1)O3"
J Appl Phys, 108, 034109-1 - 034109-7, 2010

I W Martin, R Bassiri, R Nawrodt, M M Fejer, A Gretarsson, E Gustafson, G Harry, J Hough, I MacLaren, S Penn, S Reid, R Route, S Rowan, C Schwarz, P Seidel, J Scott and A L Woodcraft
"Effect of heat treatment on mechanical dissipation in Ta2O5 coatings"
Classical and Quantum Gravity, 27, 225020, 2010

B G Mendis, M MacKenzie, A J Craven
"A new analytical method for characterising the bonding environment at rough interfaces in high-k gate stacks using electron energy loss spectroscopy"
Ultramicroscopy, 110, 105-117, 2010

D T Ngo, M S Mahmud, H H Nguyen, et al.
“Crystallisation progress in Si-rich ultra-soft nanocomposite alloy fabricated by melt spinning”
J Magn Magn Mat, 322, 342-347, 2010

A Ougazzaden, D J Rogers, F Hosseini Teherani, G Orsal, T Moudakir, S Gautier, V E Sandana, F Jomard, M Abid, M Molinari, M Troyon, P L Voss, D McGrouther, J N Chapman
"Epitaxial MOVPE growth of highly c-axis oriented InGaN/GaN films on ZnO-buffered Si (111) substrates"
Proc. Of SPIE, 7603, 76031D-1 - 76031D-8, 2010

D Petit, H T Zeng, J Sampaio, E Lewis, L O'Brian, A V Jausovec, D Read, R Cowburn, K J O'Shea, S McVitie, J N Chapman
"Magnetic imaging of the pinning mechanism of asymmetric transverse domain wals in ferromagnetic nanowires"
Appl Phys Lett, 97, 233102-1 - 233102-3, 2010

S Porro, G De Temmerman, DA MacLaren, S Lisgo, DL Rudakov, J Westerhout,
M Wiora, P John, I Villalpando, JIB Wilson
"Surface analysis of CVD diamond exposed to fusion plasma"
Diamond Rel. Mat, 19, 818, 2010

K Sader, B Schaffer, G Vaughan, R Brydson, A Brown, A Bleloch
"Smart acquisition EELS"
Ultramicroscopy 110, 998-1003, 2010

B Schaffer, W Grogger, G Kothleitner, F Hofer
"Comparison of EFTEM and STEM EELS plasmon imaging of gold nanoparticles in a
monochromated TEM"
Ultramicroscopy, 110, 1087-1093, 2010

G Vallejo-Fernandez, J N Chapman
"Thermal stability of exchange bias nanostructures"
J Appl Phys, 107, 09D704-1 - 09D704-3, 2010

G Vallejo-Fernandez, T Deakin, K O'Grady, S Oh, Q Leng, M Pakala
"Measurement of the antiferromagnetic activity in exchange bias systems"
J Appl Phys, 107, 09D709-1 - 09D709-3, 2010

T W S Yip, E J Cussen and D A MacLaren
"Synthesis of HxLixLaTiO4 from quantitative solid-state reactions at room temperature"
Chem. Commun. 46, 698, 2010