Dr Jonathan Taylor

I have been a lecturer at the University of Glasgow since January 2013. My main research interests extend to optical imaging, measurement, manipulation and intervention on a microscopic scale, with a particular focus on applications in biomedical imaging.

I have developed a novel technique to computationally “freeze” the beating heart for microscope imaging. When combined with cutting-edge custom built light sheet microscopes and realtime image analysis, this has allows us to record high resolution 3D images and video of the beating zebrafish heart with unprecedented detail. In conjunction with my biomedical collaborators at the Queens Medical Research Institute at Edinburgh University, we are recording 3D video revealing the immune response over several hours, the growth of the heart over 24 hours, and the 3D flow profile within the heart chambers, all in a healthy living zebrafish. The technique has also shown great potential for synchronized optical intervention within the normally-beating heart, for example optical activation of individual cells (photoactivation and "optogenetics”).

My experimental and computational work is complemented by more theoretical and mathematical interests in compressive sensing and computational imaging. Through this I am researching new developments in light sheet microscopy to enable clearer, faster imaging deep inside living tissue.

I also continue to pursue research into the theoretical modelling of the interactions between light and matter that make it possible to use focused laser beam "optical tweezers" to deform and manipulate liquid droplets into specific shapes. As well as being a means of probing fundamental interfacial physics and chemistry on micrometer and nanometer scales (not just of scientific interest, but also a key concern for inkjet printer manufacturers among others), the project has the potential to lead to scalable microfabrication of solid polymer objects with complex 3D shapes. It is also a route towards chemical reactions on an attolitre scale, controlled by optical pumping of reagents.

My teaching duties currently include a masters-level course in advanced optical imaging techniques, and 1st and 2nd year courses in optics and dynamics. I am also responsible for the 2nd year experimental and computational labs.


Contact Details

Tel: 0141-330-5328
Email: Jonathan.Taylor@glasgow.ac.uk

Room 234b, Kelvin Building,
University of Glasgow, Glasgow,
United Kingdom, G12 8QQ