Staff and Students

Staff and Students

The Imaging Concepts Group consists of the Prof Andy Harvey, Dr Jonny Taylor, and 10-15 post doctoral researchers and graduate students. We conduct research in a range of advanced imaging techniques and their applications.

Academic Staff

Prof Andrew Harvey, Head of Group

Dr Jonathan Taylor

Dr Caroline Muellenbroich

Post-doctoral Researchers

Dr Guillem Carles Santacana

Dr Miguel A. Preciado

Dr Chas Nelson

Dr Pavan Chandra Konda

Postgraduate Students

Yongzhuang Zhou: Wavefront coding in particle tracing

Chiara Garbellotto: Compressive sensing applied to light sheet microsocopy

Stuart WilsonAdvanced & Computational Imaging Techniques in Microendoscopy

Ross DrysdaleQuantitative Optical Imaging of the Eye

Laura Cowan: Computational imaging in infrared

Unė Būtaitė: Optical tweezers

Tomas Aidukas: Fourier Ptychography

Julia McFarlane: Spectral imaging of retina

Michael Hamdley: Computational Microscopy

Victor Ochoa: Non-invasive multiplexed blood analysis

Group Secretary

Lucy Murray


Dr Paul Zammit

Dr Vytautas Zickus

Dr Thomas J. Mitchell

Dr Marieke Van Der Putten

Dr Anthony Corcoran (External: Optos)

Dr Javier Fernandez-Ramos

Dr James Foubister (External:Optos)

Dr Lewis E MacKenzie:

Dr James Downing (2010-2014), (External: ST Microelectronics): super-resolution imaging

Dr Shouqian Chen (Visiting Researcher), (2014-2015): super-resolution imaging

Dr Tushar Choudhary (2009-2014): PhD Clinical Applications of Retinal Oximetry

Dr James Downing (2008-2012) EngD (External: STMicroelectronics) multi-aperture computational imaging

Dr Alastair Gorman (2005-2012): PhD and post-doctoral research in snapshot spectral imaging and retinal oximetry

Dr Gez Wong (2007-2011): EngD (External: Selex) Spectral imaging in the thermal infrared

Dr Gonzalo Muyo (2003-2011): PhD and post-doctoral research in wavefront coding, computational imaging, and retinal oximetry

Dr Ied Alabboud (2006-2009): PhD in retinal oximetry

Dr Eirini Theofanidou (2006-2008): Post doctoral researcher in retinal oximetry of rats

Dr Patrick Harding (2006-2008): EngD (External: Thales Optronics) Image compression

Dr Beatriz Grafulla (2004-2007): PhD in modelling of mm-wave imaging

Ruth Montgomery (2004-2007): (External: NPL) Research in spectral imaging

Dr Bertrand Lucotte (2005-2009): PhD in Fourier-optics techniques for increase in depth of field in microscopy and mm-wave imaging

Caroline Steadman (2005-2009): (External: Gooch and Housego) Acousto-optic spectral imaging

Joanne Lawlor (2000-2003): Research in retinal oximetry

Dr Asloob Mudassar (2000-2006): PhD Structured illumination for imaging beyond the diffraction limit

Sonny Ramachandran (2003-2005): Retinal Oximetrey. Sadly Sonny died of leukaemia on 14th October 2005.

Dr Colin Fraser (2003-2005): Post-doctoral research in optical-field encryption

Dr David Fletcher-Holmes (2000-2006): Post-doctoral research in hyperspectral imaging

Dr Doug Payne (2000-2003): PhD (External: QinetiQ) Holographic 3D imaging 

Dr Samir Mezouari (1999-2003): PhD and post-doctoral research in wavefront coded Imaging

Dr Tracy Hanlon (1999-2000): PhD Spectral imaging