Invited and Topical Speakers

Invited and Topical Speakers

General Invited Lecture


Nickolay Aleksandrov (Russia)

Kinetics of high-voltage nanosecond discharge plasmas in hydrocarbons and combustible mixtures

Anne Bourdon (France)

Modelling and simulation of non-equilibrium plasma discharges

Ralf-Peter Brinkmann (Germany)

Plasma modelling for the understanding and active control of technological plasmas

Giorgio Dilecce (Italy)

Laser diagnostics of nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges

Gheorghe Dinescu (Romania)

Plasma processing of nanomaterials at low and atmospheric pressure

Zoran Petrovic (Serbia)

Overview of the procedure to obtain cross section data from the transport coefficients

Ryo Ono (Japan)

Optical diagnostics in atmospheric-pressure non-thermal plasma

Lecture of the Crookes Prize winner

 Title to be announced

Topical Invited Lecture


Aranka Derzsi (Hungary)

The effect of secondary electrons on the discharge characteristics in low pressure CCPs excited by tailored voltage waveforms

Thomas Gries (France)

Ultrathin metallic oxide nanostructures synthesized by plasma afterglow-assisted oxidation for photocatalysis applications

Mario Merino (Spain)

Kinetic electron response in a rarified plasma jet expanding into vacuum

Zdenek Navratil (Czech Republic)

Recent progress in the understanding of the physics and development of plasmas at atmospheric pressure

Anton Nikiforov (Belgium)

Atmospheric pressure plasma sources diagnostics as a key to control their utilization in surface or liquid processing

Tiago Silva (Portugal)

Understanding the electron and vibration kinetics in CO2 plasmas

Ana Sobota (The Netherlands)

Electric field measurements in atmospheric-pressure plasma jets

James Walsh (United Kingdom)

Cold atmospheric-pressure plasmas for improved food safety