Wednesday 9th September (via Zoom)


Hello and house keeping

Peter H Sneddon

Co-Chair APE


An introduction to APE and the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Nic Labrosse

Peter H Sneddon

Co-Chairs APE


What is the purpose of the Astronomy & Physics Education Group and, more broadly, what is the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, the research area APE will be working in?  The leaders of the new group will attempt to answer these questions.



Physics Education Research at the University of Edinburgh


Ross Galloway

University of Edinburgh


I will give a brief summary of the primary research interests of the Edinburgh Physics Education Research Group and a flavour of some of our findings and developments from the last decade.



eSTEeM – The model for funding and encouraging Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in STEM at the Open University and how it works


Laura Alexander

Open University


eSTEeM is the OU centre for STEM pedgagogy, aiming to promote excellence in teaching and learning through scholarship. This presentation will be a whistle stop tour through how eSTEeM supports SoTL in all the OU STEM schools, including how it is funded, the dissemination of results and links to FHEA and SFHEA.




SoTL at Glasgow: what help is out there?



Michael McEwan

Nathalie Sheridan

University of Glasgow


As the name implies, this presentation will outline some of the help that the University of Glasgow can provide to support the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning of colleagues.



Examples of quantitative analyses of educational interventions


Catriona McAllister

University of Glasgow


I will present a brief summary of my PhD work over the last 3 years, the focus being on analysing student performance from the individual level, through group dynamics, to full cohort analysis. I will highlight some interesting and unexpected results.



Enhancing students’ learning


Eric Yao

University of Glasgow


A high quality learning environment requires many essential features. In this talk, I'll discuss how continuous data collection and analysis leading to reflection and refinement can help to keep the right balance. 



Spaced Repetition: Towards More Effective Learning in Physics


Alison Voice

University of Leeds


Students have a habit of leaving their revision for the week before the exam. But this does not build lasting memory or deep understanding. This talk will showcase the use of spaced repetition throughout the learning phase, and demonstrate an enhanced effect in the exam and in an impromptu test 5 months later.



Follow on discussions and wrap up






If you are interested in attending, please contact for the Zoom link details.