Colloquia 2015-16

Colloquia 2015-16



21/09/2015 (Mo at 4pm)

Robert Garisto (PRL editor)

Secrets of PRL

Douglas Paul (Glasgow)

Engineering Quantum Platforms for Applications and New Science
21/10/2015 Andrew Dayley (Strathclyde) Ultracold quantum gases: Shedding new light on many-body dynamics and entanglement 

Claudia Eberlein (Sussex)

Quantum physics near real material surfaces

Tomas Cizmar (Dundee)

Holographic micro-endoscopy based on multmode waveguides 

Mikhail Bashkanov (Edinburgh) 

Dibaryons: quarks in six-packs

Lyndsay Fletcher (Glasgow)

Solar Flares - how the sun relaxes


Date Speaker Title 
03/02/2016             Ian Shipsey (Oxford) The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope                                                                         
17/02/2016 Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler (Mainz) Quantum optics and quantum information with cold trapped ions 
02/03/2016 Moritz Riede (Oxford) Vacuum processed organic solar cells
16/03/2016 Gabriel Spalding (Illinois Welseyan) Spreading information of the '3rd age' of ultrafast imaging
30/03/2016 Robert Braun (SKA) Cosmic Evolution of Galaxy Disks
4/6/2016 Matteo Clerici (Glasgow) Air breakdown with intense laser pulses
13/04/2016 Gordon Love (Durham) Optics, Vision, and Eyes
4/20/2016 Martina Gerken (Kiel) Biomedical sensing with nanostructured dielectric surfaces
27/04/2016 Christiane Helling (St Andrews) Electricity in extrasolar planetary atmospheres 



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