This page provides information on some of the support and information available on careers, development and promotion provided by the University, as well as what is available locally within the College and our School:

Reporting Harassment

Supporting staff and students

The University provides documentation that details best practice if you receive a report of assault, harassment, or bullying from a student or colleague, including gender-based violence.

Guidance document for student disclosures

Guidance document for colleague/team member disclosures

Broadly, both guidance documents set out three steps which should be followed in the event of a disclosure.

  • Listen and be supportive.
  • Complete the University online reporting form.
  • Provide details of available support. Options for internal and external support are provided in the guidance documents.

If you receive a disclosure from a student or colleague and do not feel comfortable, please contact a First Responder who will be able to act.

If you or someone you know requires urgent support:

  • If you are off campus, you should call 999 to reach any of the emergency services.
  • If you are on university premises, call Campus Security Team any time on 0141 330 4444.

School Support

College Support

University Resources