Fire Safety

The online training course is part of the induction process and must be completed within 3 months of starting. All staff should complete the online fire safety training at least once every three years.

Access online fire safety and log in using your GUID and password. 

For further information on fire safety please refer to the SEPs website

Actions on hearing a fire alarm

The fire Alarm is tested every week in the University buildings, please see local arrangements for the day and time for this in your building below:

Davidson / Wolfson / James Black Wednesday 14:00
Bower Thursday 11:45
Joseph Black  Thursday  14:00

If at any time out with the test the fire alarm sounds, everyone must leave the building as quickly as possible using the normal evacuation routes. (These should have been explained to you during induction training). Congregation should occur at the Fire Assembly point and NO ONE may go back into the building until the alarms are silenced and they are told that it is safet to re-enter. Assembly points are marked on signage throughout each building. 

Actions on discovering a fire

Sound the fire alarm by pressing the nearest fire break glass point; do not assume that this will automatically be linked to the gatehouse and security. 

4444 or 9-999 (Gilmore Hill) 

Do not attempt to use a fire extinguisher unless you have received appropriate training and the fire is small enough to tackle.