Research interests

Matt is interested primarily in the bone cell engineering. Specifically he is interested in using nanoscale topography as a guide for mesenchymal stem cell growth and differentiation. His basic science activity lies in understanding mechanotransduction and how this influences the interface nucleus organisation, gene output and the proteome. His applied science interest lies in the development of orthopaedic products to replace current surgical intervention which is far from perfect. To do this, he works primarily with nanofabrication engineers - especially those interested in electron beam lithography (Nikolaj Gadegaard, DEEE, Glasgow) but also works with chemists (notably Stanley Affrssoman and now Rein Ulijn, Chemistry, Strathclyde), physicits (Duncan Sutherland, iNANO, Denmark) and materials scientists (Liz Tanner, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Glasgow and Bo Su, Dental Materials, University of Bristol). His main bio collaborators are the skeletal stem cell expert, Richard Oreffo (University of Southampton), biochemist Stephen Yarwood (MCB, Glasgow) and proteomic expert Richard Burchmore (I&I, Glasgow). Clearly, for tissue and Cell Engineering to be successful, input from many science diciplines is required and these collaborations are rapidly growing. To perform the research, Matt and his group use traditional histological approaches as well as more cutting-edge genomic and proteomic approaches.