Podcast hosts, Miriam and Lydia chat with PI's and Chief Tech as part of the Work/Life balance podcast series.

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Podcast hosts, Miriam and Giovanni chat with Dr. Matt Jones, Senior Lecturer and Athena SWAN chair as part of the Work/Life balance podcast series: Early career researchers.

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Podcast host, Miriam chats with PhD student Sarah Hesse on her PhD, life as a new mum during the pandemic, LGBTQ+ representation & endometriosis!

We chat with summer students Julia Alcacer and Euan Cawston on their experiences and interests.

This time tables were turned and podcast host became the guest! Lucy talks fellowship applications, career progression and rock and roll!

Junior technician Bethany Fleming talks careers, industry and horses.

PhD student Mhaira Davidson talks plant proteins, PhD life and fencing.

Chief Technician Paul Paterson talks about the Technician Commitment, travel and love for football.

Institute Director Neil Bulleid talks protein folding, being an effective boss and his passion for music.

Guest seminar speaker Jenny Morton from U of Cambridge talks Huntingdon's disease, smart sheep and gardening.

Guest seminar speaker Lynne Regan from University of Edinburgh talks proteins, soapboxes and The Rolling Stones.

What do our students think of PhD life?

Guest speaker Tracy Lawson from U of Essex talks about how her research has shaped her and continuing to grow as a scientist and mentor.

Guest speaker Robert Edwards from Newcastle University talks academic career pathways, mobility and science communication.

Guest speaker Peter Hegemann from Humbolt University chats with us about his research career, being persistent and highs and lows of science.

We take a moment to wrap up our first podcast season.

Guest speaker Alison Lloyd from the MRC laboratory at UCL talks about her career pathway, creativity and independence in academia.

Guest speaker Rory Duncan from Heriot-Watt University talks about how he works to overcome the cultural differences between academic fields and pros and cons of preprint publication.

Advice and tips from Features Editor for the Plant Cell, Mary Williams on making the most out of conferences, covering predatory meetings, travel safety, funding, and networking.

LKAS Fellow Sophie Bradley chats about the new mentoring scheme introduced for Early Career Researchers as well as advice on career pathways.

Special episode with PhD students Ross Eaglesfield and Jaynee Hart on their experiences as they progress towards their PhD.

Guest speaker, plant immunity specialist Silke Robatzek, from the John Innes Centre talks about her fascination with plants and nature.

Guest speaker Carla Koehler chats on the series about her current research as well as key moments in her life as a scientist.

Guest speaker, Wendy Bickmore from University of Edinburgh, Head of the MRC Human Genetics Unit.