Lucy McCormick

Research title: Silent transmission: the influence of Buddhist traditions on Georges Bataille's 'La pratique de la joie devant la mort'

Research Summary

My research focuses on the previously-unexamined influence of Buddhist concepts and practices on the work of interwar avant-garde writer and thinker Georges Bataille. More broadly, I am interested in the history of European appropriation of Buddhism as an Other through which to understand the self, which is exemplified by avant-garde interactions with Buddhist concepts through the lens of colonial European understandings of self and identity.



College of Arts Postgraduate Scholarship, University of Glasgow (2019 - 2022).

Allan Inglis Travel Scholarship, University of Glasgow (2019).

Peter Davies Scholarship in French Studies, University of Glasgow (2018 - 2019).

French Studies Departmental Bursary (Fees), University of Warwick (2009 - 2010).


Refuge in Exile: Explorations of the Self in French Interwar Travel Writing (Institut français d’Ecosse: Edinburgh Interdisciplinary Seminar, 30th November 2018).

Silent Transmission: The Emergence of Buddhist Concepts in Georges Bataille (RSE Existential Philosophy Research Network, Sorbonne University: Altérité et pensée du dehors: La pensée existentielle en Europe et ailleurs, 23rd march 2019). 


Religions in Asia (Theology and Religious Studies)

Frech Culture 1 (School of Modern Languages and Cultures)