Kirsten Anderson Mcmullan

  • PhD candidate




Research title

Czech Education and Czech Identity: the role of the state education system in the development of national identity in the Czech Republic.

Research summary

Research summary

My current research is concerned with the influence that the state education system has on the development of Czech national identity. State education systems are uniquely placed to influence citizens' identities, being as they are often the first and most sustained contact that the individual has with a national institution. They are a crucial part of the mechanism that creates and transmits cultural symbols, historical memories, and traditions. The study aims to supplement previous work on Czech Identity (e.g. such as that by Ladislav Holy) by looking closely at peoples' lived experiences of the education system. It is not only looking at how the education system conributes towards a sense of Czech identity among Czechs, but also how it deals with minority groups - whether they are considered as an assimilated part of Czech society or as an "other".

Other research interests

In addition to my current research, I have interests in the history and literature of Poland and the Czech Republic, translation, developing inter-cultural dialogues and teaching English as a foreign language.

Higher education

MA(honours) Polish and Central & East European Studies, University of Glasgow



  • PhD Scholarship in Czech Studies, University of Glasgow
  • Westfal Scholarship - June 2013, University of Glasgow
  • Boswell College of Arts Bursary - June 2013, University of Glasgow
  • Josef Fronek Mphil Scholarship -June 2013, University of Glasgow


Widening Participation Postgraduate Tutor