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Information for Staff

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Research Leave

General guidelines for research leave or unpaid leave are available from Human Resources:

SMLC has a study-leave programme that has regard to the following guidelines:

(a) Study leave is an absence of three months or more whose purpose is to enable a member of academic staff to further his/her research or to gain significant new professional experience relevant to his/her duties. Thus it is expected that both the member of staff and his/her School/RI will benefit from the study leave.

(b) Study leave is not an entitlement. However, a member of academic staff may reasonably expect to be granted paid study leave in accordance with College procedures and needs on the basis of one semester in four years or one academic year in eight years. In addition, subject to its academic value and staffing needs of the School/RI, unpaid study leave may be granted more frequently.

(c) A probationer or ECDP participant may apply for study leave, provided that he/she can meet his/her objectives and Learning and Teaching Centre course requirements within the specified time.

(d) The period of study leave normally includes the immediately-following vacation.

The following procedure must be followed:

(1) A member of academic research staff who wishes to be considered for study leave must apply in writing to SMLC, setting out specific goals and a plan of work for the proposed study leave. The application must be made on a standard form, and must normally be submitted at least six months before the start of the proposed study leave. The application must be endorsed by the subject Programme Director.

(2) In considering the application, SMLC must take into account how well the proposed study leave accords with the strategies and commitments of the School, and what resources if any will be needed to cover the member of staff's absence.

(3) The Schoool’s decision to approve or reject the application must be reported to the Collegeof Arts HR Team.

(4) Within three months of the end of study leave, the member of staff must submit a report to the School, setting out the study leave's outcomes and relating them explicitly to the goals stated in the application.

(5) The School shall inform the local HR Team whether the report is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The Head of HR shall consider what action to take in the event of an unsatisfactory report.

(6) Study leave can be either fully or partially paid by the University.

Note: For the purposes of this procedure, "the School" shall mean whatever internal mechanism the School has put in place for the consideration of study-leave matters.

The following additional procedures apply to all research leave applicants:

Research leave is not an entitlement. However, a member of academic staff may apply for paid study leave in accordance with College procedures and needs on the basis of one semester in four years (or 6 full worked semesters).  

In line with the University policy on Academic Leave any application must normally be submitted at least six months in advance of the start of the proposed leave.

 Those on academic probation or ECDP are eligible to apply for leave in line with section 4(c) of the University policy on Academic Leave and provided it is in line with any agreed objectives with line management.

 1.               What form do I need to complete?

In order to apply for Research Leave you must complete the SMLC Research Leave Application Form.

2.               What are the application deadlines for Research Leave?

Deadlines will be set in conjunction with the College Research Office. There will be one common deadline per Semester. The first deadline will be on Friday 2 November 2017. The second deadline will be on Friday 28th February 2018. Please liaise with your Head of School Administration regarding the application process in your school

 3.         Proposed Dates of Leave

On the Application Form, under ‘Proposed Dates of Leave', Human Resources require a date/month/year format (e.g. 1 September 2018 to 31 December 2018).  Please ensure that you provide this information in that format. 

 Leave will be awarded for a period of four months, either 1st September – 31st December to cover Semester 1 or 1st January - 30th April to cover Semester 2.

 4.         Application Support Documents

All applications must be typed and must be signed by the applicant and their Programme Director or equivalent.

 5.         Process

Following the submission of your application the School will convene a panel to assess applications. The panel will consist of the Head of School, School Research Convenor and Head of School Administration. The Head of College Research Support will attend as an observer at each School meeting to ensure consistency of approach across College. The outcome of the application will be notified in a letter copied to College HR and the Research office. The process will be reviewed after the first two rounds to ensure the scheme is functioning in the best interest of the Schools and College. The Schools will submit a biannual report for consideration by the College Management Group following each School Research Leave Committee meeting summarising the outcomes of any awarded leave.

 6.         I have been awarded Research Leave; what do I do next?

If your Research Leave includes an element of working or travelling abroad, it is a condition of the Research Leave that all policies in that regard are followed. Please see University policies on working overseas at:

If you have any further questions, please contact the College Human Resources Office.

 If unpaid leave is awarded, the awardee must log this leave accordingly in the HR Core System. If this is not done the leave cannot be approved under the normal School process.

The School is responsible for the proper monitoring of Research Leave. To facilitate this all staff granted Research Leave must complete a SMLC Research Report Form which describes the outcomes of his/her leave. Research Leave Report Forms must be submitted within one month of the end of the period of Research Leave.

Colleagues will be unable to submit a further application for Research Leave until a satisfactory report for any past leave has been submitted and approved.

 Further instructions on completing the Research Leave Report Form are found below.

 7.         Research Leave Report Forms

As noted previously, staff who have concluded Research Leave must complete the SMLC Research Report Form within one month of end of the period of Research Leave. Staff must complete relevant sections of the formbefore submitting it to the School Research Convener.

The Research Convener shall then complete their relevant areas on the form and submit the form to the School Administration by the relevant deadline. The completed reports will be logged in the School.  Should the report identify that the anticipated outcomes of the leave period have not been met the School Research Convenor will work with the staff member to put an action plan in place to ensure that the outcomes are achieved within a period agreed with the Head of School.

 8.         Questions about Research Leave procedures

Should you have any questions regarding Research Leave please contact your Head of School Administration or the School Research Convener.


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Newsletter Submission Form

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Booking Laptops and Skype Equipment

Our Arts IT Team have a centre pool of laptops which can be booked using the link below.


The procedure is as follows:


  1. Click on
  2. Log in using the button at the top right hand side of the booking screen
  3. Use the drop down menu at the top left hand side of the screen to choose your piece of equipment i.e. laptop, camcorder
  4. Using the booking calendar, click on the date that you require the equipment  
  5. Complete the booking form outlining your requirements
  6. Press SAVE


IT will then approve your request and you will be sent an email to confirm that you can collect your laptop. The collection point is Room 203, 6 University Gardens.