Volume 2

Emblems and The Manuscript Tradition, including an Edition and Studies of a Newly Discovered Manuscript of Poetry by Tristan l’Hermite

Volume edited by Laurence Grove (Glasgow: Glasgow Emblem Studies, 1997)
ISBN: 0852616309

Daniel Russell: Thoughts on a Newly Discovered Manuscript Version of Gomberville’s Doctrine des Moeurs (1646)

Alison Saunders: Whose intellectual property? The Liber Fortunae of Jean Cousin, Imbert d’Anlézy or Ludovic Lalanne?

Sandra Sider: Luís Nunes Tinoco’s Architectural Emblematic Imagery in Seventeenth-Century Portugal: Making a Name for a Palatine Princess

Gillian Wright: The Growth of an Emblem: Some Contexts for Bodleian Library MS Ashmole 767

A Newly Discovered Manuscript of Poetry by Tristan l’Hermite in an Emblematic Setting: Glasgow University Library SMAdd.392

Laurence Grove: Glasgow University Library SMAdd.392: an Introduction

Stephen Rawles: The Bibliographical Context of Glasgow University Library SMAdd.392: a Preliminary Analysis

Alison Adams: Manuscript Texts from Glasgow University Library SMAdd.392

Alison Adams: Glasgow University Library SMAdd.392 and the Printed Versions of Tristan l’Hermite’s Poetry

Laurence Grove: Tristan l’Hermite, Emblematics and Early Modern Reading Practices in the Light of Glasgow University Library SMAdd.392