Special Volume

Visual Words and Verbal Pictures: Essays in Honour of Michael Bath

Volume edited by Alison Saunders and Peter Davidson (Glasgow: Glasgow Emblem Studies, 2005)
ISBN: 0 85261 814 X

Alison Saunders and Peter Davidson: Introduction

Peter Davidson: Decoding Scotland: a Sketch for a Professional Biography of Michael Bath

Stephen Rawles: Michael Bath: Publications

Alison Adams: New Light on the 1691 Edition of Claude-François Menestrier’s Histoire du Roy Louis le Grand

Dieter Bitterli: Imago Sancti Judoci: an Unknown Cycle of Applied Emblems in Central Switzerland

Peter Daly: The Political Intertextuality of Whitney’s Concluding Emblem

Peter Davidson: Mute Emblems and a Lost Room: Gardyne’s House, Dundee

David Graham: Pictures Speaking, Pictures Spoken to: Guillaume de la Perrière and Emblematic ‘Illustration’

Laurence Grove: Emblems with Speech Bubbles

Judi Loach: Walls that Speak through Words and Images: The Boston Public Library

Karel Porteman: La Paix douze fois représentée. Les punkten poétiques au landjuweel anversois (1561)

Daniel Russell: Wives and Widows: the Emblematics of Marriage and Mourning in France at the End of the Renaissance

Jane Stevenson: The Emblem Book of Margareta Godewijk (1627-1677)

Marc van Vaeck: Moral Emblems Adorned with Rhymes: Anna Roemers Visscher’s Adaptation (1620) of Roemer Visscher’s Sinnepoppen (1614)