Sarah Lightman

  • PhD candidate



Research Summary

Dressing Eve
and other Reparative Acts in Women's Traumatic Autobiographical Comics


How do contemporary women comic artists reference biblical literature and iconography in their autobiographies, what is the intention of these references and how do they work within the context of traumatic narratives? I argue there is a feminist reparative aspect in these women’s stories as they write and draw themselves into biblical texts and images, transforming texts and images that have previously ignored female experience. I also argue there is also the promise of redemption in religious imagery, that can support the artist in their moment of crisis. “If you do believe in the Biblical Story, you do, in a sense, believe in a grand narrative of history, so that in everything even the most disastrous catastrophes, will ultimately make sense to you- maybe not now, but at some point of illumination in the future. This now longer seems to be feasible to many…” (LaCapra 1998)

My methodology has included interviews with artists, careful analysis of original artwork and also the curation of an art show “Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women”. “Graphic Details” is a critically acclaimed show of 18 internationally-renowned artists that opened at The Cartoon Art Museum San Francisco (2010), and toured to The Koffler Centre of The Arts, Toronto (2011) Yeshiva University Museum, New York (2011/12), JCC Washington DC (2012), Oregon Jewish Museum, (2012) Jewish Museum of Florida (2013) Space Station Sixty-Five, London (2014) and The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, Ohio State University (2015).

I analyse images of mental illness in Bobby Baker's Diary Drawings with reference to medieval Christian iconography. Miriam Katin's Holocaust memoir, "We Are On Our Own" is an example of the return of childhood war and sexual trauma accessed through the borrowed structure and narrative of biblical texts. Sharon Rudahl 's "The Star Sapphire", is a coming of age narrative that re-appropriates Biblical iconography to speak where female biblical characters have been silenced.

I also present my own work as an artist, including my drawings and films, and my autobiographical graphic novel The Book of Sarah to be published by Myriad Editions in 2017. In my artwork I rewrite the Bible to make me and my life, as an ordinary woman, take centre stage, in protest to my Biblical namesake, the Matriarch Sarah, who was marginalised. I conclude my doctorate with a discussion of “Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women”, “Graphic Details” has reconfigured the male focus of exhibitions of Jews and Comics, and brings Jewish women  and women creators in general into the spotlight. This is another way to move from the the silencing of women’s voices and enable the celebration of their work.


My first book, the edited collection, Graphic Details Jewish Women's Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews (McFarland 2014) was awarded the  2015 Will Eisner Award for Best Scholarly/Academic Work and The 2015 Susan Koppelman Prize for Best Edited Collection in Feminist Studies, and was an Honorable Mention in the 2016 Jordan Schnitzer Book Awards.



Central/ St Martins (Art Foundation) (1994)
Slade School of Art, UCL (BA) (1995-1999)
Slade School of Art, UCL (MFA) (1999-2001)
University of Glasgow, PhD Autobiography in Comics (2009 - ongoing)


Graphic Details: Jewish Women's Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews. McFarland. (2014)






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Journals (Guest Editor)

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Centre Stage on the Page: Women In, On and Making Comics.  Studies in Comics 7.2 (2016) with Dr Catriona MacLeod.



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Book Reviews and Exhibition Reviews

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University of Glasgow Awards

  • Principal's Early Career Mobility Scheme - Columbia University, NYC (2016)
  • "Graphic Details: Communities of Experience" JW3, Jewish Community for London,  Stirling Maxwell Centre (2014)
  • “Talking about Jewish Women and Comics”, Yeshiva University Museum, New York , Research Grant (2012)
  • “Women in Comics II,” Leeds Art Gallery, Collaborative Research Grant with Catriona MacLeod, University of Glasgow (2010)
  • “Women in Comics”, University of Cambridge, Collaborative Research Grant with Catriona MacLeod University of Glasgow (2009)

External Grants

  • European Association for Jewish Culture (May 2013)
  • IABA, Sussex University, funding for booklet (July 2010)
  • NEMLA, Montreal, funding for display for “Graphic Details” (March 2010)


"Bobby Baker, The Virgin Mary and Sarahs: Comics and Motherhood",Stages and Pages, Graphic Medicine Conference, Dundee

"The Graphic Details of The Star Sapphire: An Exploration of the themes of Graphic Details Confessional Comics by Jewish Women through the panels of Sharon Rudahl's four-page comic"
Drawing The Line: Womens Comics Art Conference, Ben Gurion University, Israel

'Do You Miss Your Country?', In Conversation with Polish visual artist Monika Szydłowska, Free Word Centre, London

"Arnie's Air Conditioner and other fond memories: Aline Crumb in conversation with Sarah Lightman", In Conversation with legendary American underground comics artist Aline Crumb.House of Illustration, London

"|Kapow! Women of The World Graphic Novel Social" featuring Una (Becoming Unbecoming), Rachael Ball (The Inflatable Woman) and Catherine Anyango (Heart of Darkness and 2x2).Southbank Centre (Chair) (2016)

"Too Much information? Graphic Novels by Jewish Women" Edinburgh Jewish Literary Society (2015)

Curator's Tour and Panel Chair (with Trina Robbins, Miriam Katin and Sarah Glidden) for "Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women" Exhibition, The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, Ohio State University

"The Art of The Graphic Novel", Jewish Book Week with Rutu Modan and  Yirmi Pinkus chaired by Dr Ariel Kahn, Kings Place, London (2015)

5 x15 "Stories from The Heart" New North London Synagogue (2014)

Slade Comics Study Day 14 November, UCL, Gower St, London WC1E 6BT (2014)

"Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women - Communities of Experience" A One Day Symposium (co-chair with Dr Heike Bauer) JW3, The Jewish Community Centre for London (2014)

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"Disappointed Believers" Temple Beth-El, Augusta, USA (2014)

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"Jews and Visual Memoirs", (4 Part Course) JW3  (2013)

Guest Lecturer: University of Glasgow (2011)

Guest Lecturer: University of Roehampton (2011 and 2012)


I am very committed to bringing my research to a wider audience and “Graphic Details” has also given me many opportunities to give public talks about my research in the form of guided tours and workshops as well as numerous university lectures, newspaper articles and interviews. I co-chaired two symposiums inspired by the exhibition, “Talking about Jewish Women and Comics” in New York (February 2012) and "Graphic Details: Communities of Experience" in London (November 2014) both supported by the University of Glasgow.

I was invited to speak at Women of The World Festival at The South Bank Centre, London, in March 2013.

I am also an award-winning artist and have exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. I have been creating my own visual diary for over 15 years, The Book of Sarah, to be opublished in 2017 by Myriad Editions. I have made a series of animation films based on my drawings which can be seen on my website. I write about my own artwork in my doctorate and I explore how my own art practice informs how I approach and appreciate the work of other artists I write about.

My work has been reviewed in numerous newspapers, journals and websites including Art Review, The Jewish Quarterly,  The Jewish Chronicle, Lilith, The Jerwood Visual Arts Blog, Southwark Weekender, International Journal of Comic Art. For more press items see my website

I am Director and Founder, with Nicola Streeten, of Laydeez do Comics. This is the UK’s  foremost comics forum, women led monthly and open to all, that  focuses on autobiography and the drama of the everyday. There are now branches in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Dublin, Birmingham, San Francisco and Chicago.

I am also Chair of the Women in Comics Conferences (October 2009 and November 2010).