SMLC Newsletter Issue 9, Summer Edition 2017

SMLC Newsletter Issue 9, Summer Edition 2017

Issued: Thu, 01 Jun 2017 15:25:00 BST

As I prepare to hand over the Head of School reins to Vicente in July, I want to thank everyone in the School for their tremendous efforts this past year.  Looking over the many outstanding and wide-ranging achievements featured in this edition of our newsletter, I think this is a year we can all feel proud of, particularly given the many challenges we have, in different ways, risen to and overcome.  It is really pleasing to see that our increasing success as a School more broadly has been recognised and vindicated externally by the excellent results in the recent Guardian University guide, in which Glasgow has leapt up to 15th in the UK in the Modern Languages league table, from 38th last year, and I see no reason why the momentum of this upward trend should  not continue.
We will, of course, be very sad to be saying goodbye to a number of colleagues, many on short term or fixed term contracts, and we wish them every success in their future endeavours. One especially big loss will be our departing Head of School Administration, Nikki Dutton, who features separately in the newsletter. It is impossible to put into a few words everything she has done for the School, but I know we will all continue to benefit immensely from her organisational, operational and strategic legacy, and her genius for problem-solving, as we go forward, and as her successor eventually takes over.  We have also welcomed some wonderful new colleagues to the School, who  are also featured later on.
As I write from the bridge (with apologies for the shift of metaphor!), I am still watching anxiously for the ship to dock safely at the end of the academic year, but I have no doubt it will, and we will once again look back and wonder how we managed it, although the summer will now of course become a very busy time with pre-sessionals for colleagues in EAS, and we are already well-advanced in thinking ahead  and planning for the next academic year.
So enjoy reading the newsletter, and I wish you all a very productive and successful summer, and a restful one whenever your holiday time comes.

All good wishes


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