English for Study and Communication

English for Study and Communication

Workshops are open to all University of Glasgow students, staff and visiting researchers.

We offer lectures and follow-up workshops on a variety of English language skills and situations, both academic and non-academic.  These sessions are aimed at those whose first language is not English.

See the programme outline below for further details on the types of lectures and workshops available.‌‌


English Orientation Programme

These sessions take place in Week 1 and Week 2 of Semesters 1 and 2, and are designed to help you settle into the non-academic part of University life. Each session consists of a 1 hour 30 minute workshop.

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Semester 2 Programme

7th January – 14th March 2019

Lectures and follow-up workshops on a variety of English language skills and situations, both academic and non-academic.

They are designed to assist you with your studies. Lectures focus on the theory; workshops give you the chance to practise what you have learned. You can attend just the lecture or just the workshop. You are strongly advised to attend the lecture before doing a workshop if your timetable allows. The sessions are not assessed and there is no fee.

         Lectures are 1 hour long

         Follow-up workshops are 1½ hours long

         Three different lecture/workshop topics run each week

         You can attend more than one per week if places are available

         Sessions are open for online booking two weeks in advance


Week 1

Academic style
University Culture and Expectations
Become a more confident listener - accent and dialect
Getting together (English Orientation Programme)
Finding your way around (English Orientation Programme)
Where shall we go? (English Orientation Programme)

Week 2

Referring to sources: Quoting, paraphrasing and summarising
Become a more confident speaker
Formal and informal written communication
Money Matters (English Orientation Programme)
Culture and Customs (English Orientation Programme)
Modern Scotland: who are we? (English Orientation Programme)

Week 3

Style, citation and tenses
Listening to lectures
Coping with academic reading and vocabulary

Week 4

Text organisation and structure
Listening to narratives
Giving poster presentations

Week 5

Language-specific writing practice
Recounting stories  or narrating events
Intensive reading for improved understanding

Week 6

Understanding formal and informal speaking situations
Paragraphing in academic essays

Week 7

The Research Report
Advanced features of academic texts
Showing stance in seminars and discussions

Week 8

Definitions, paraphrasing and synthesizing
Interpreting and explaining visual material
Writing concisely

Week 9

Summarising and synthesizing
Collaboration and team work
Presentation speaking skills

Week 10

Proof reading for clarity
Genre Transformations
Reflective writing and self-evaluation
























Further details about the sessions can be found by clicking on the relevant links below.

     -   Language for academic reading and writing

     -   Language for lectures and seminars

     -   Language for transactions and interpersonal communications



Visit our online booking system to find out which sessions are currently available to book:

English for Study and Communication: Language Development 
(for PGT students in Social Sciences only

1st October – 23rd November 2018

This course consists of Language Development workshops which complement the Developing Your Academic Writing courses. The workshops are available for students studying a Postgraduate Taught degree in the College of Social Sciences only. They are bookable individually. Each workshop is a stand-alone session, although the topics are related and some may develop earlier themes.

Workshops are run twice a week in Semester 1. You can select which session you wish to book: Wednesday 2:30 – 4:00pm or Friday 11:30am – 1:00pm.

You can only come to any particular workshop once, but you can come to as many different workshops as you wish.

These workshops are bookable through Moodle - eligible students will be sent the Moodle key to enrol.

Important Information for Students

  • This course will NOT show on your MyCampus timetable.
  • Please check your student email regularly for updates - if a room is changed, we will email your student email.
  • Events are released on a weekly basis.
  • Each lecture is offered as a standalone session.  After attending the lecture you can register for an optional workshop.  You can only come to one lecture or workshop in a specific series (e.g. Tenses in academic writing) but you can come to as many different series as you wish.
  • If you repeatedly register for lectures or workshops and then don’t attend then you will not be able to book any further events.  Therefore, please cancel your registration before the event if you can’t attend.