Languages – a great way to maximise your career prospects 

Studying a language is a long-term investment and a great educational asset. Languages students also gain lots of other practical and personal skills, boosting their employability and career prospects.  This guide, prepared by the British Academy and the European Commission in London, shows you how to maximise your prospects using languages. 

Not sure what to do with a languages degree? - All About Careers have released a helpful guide to help you explore your specific options and plan effectively. What else can my degree do for me? Here are some of the ‌ you will gain.

Past Events: 

This is just a small selection of the type of events we aim ot origanise during outr annual Careers Week, which is notrmally held during October. 

How to prepare your CV  - A practical guide to how to improve the impact your CV can make on potential employers. Tips and recommendations to make your name and profile stand out.

How to perform well at interview - If you get invited to interview, how can you perform to your maximum and get the job? Practical advice and recommendations on interview techniques and pitfalls to avoid.

Individual language CV sessions - Different countries and cultures have different expectations about how a CV should look. Bring along your CV for advice how to improve it for the target country overseas, if you are looking to work abroad.

“Body language, everyone speaks it” and “How to sound confident, even if you’re not …”  - This workshop offers practical advice and recommendations on how to improve your communication skills in a social environment. It offers a guide about how to behave both authentically and professionally in an interview and assessment context.

“How to meet employers”  - This session provides tips on how to frame important questions to ask your potential employer. Key points will be raised to make you the best candidate for the job, as future employers like assertive candidates with an interest in their company.

Networking lunch with language alumni - A chance to meet with some of our SMLC alumni over lunch and ask your careers questions in an informal environment. 

 Meet the employers: Employer panel - A chance to meet local employers and hear from them about what they are looking for in job candidates.

Find out what our alumni are doing now

Graduates with qualifications in modern languages and cultures have gone on to pursue rewarding careers in business and commerce, marketing, media, teaching (both at home and abroad), translating and interpreting, and the civil service.


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