Steering Committee Membership

Steering Committee Membership

The current membership of the I-DSD/I-CAH Steering Committee is given below.  They are international experts in various aspects of DSD and CAH care.

Current Members

 Member  Organisation 
Anna Nordenström (Chair) Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Anu Bashamboo INSERM, Paris
Hedi Claahsen (Scientific Panel representative) Radboud, Nijmegen
Olaf Hiort University of Lubeck
Berenic Mendonca (I-DSD 2019 local organiser) Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rodolfo Rey Centro de Investigaciones Endocrinológicas, Buenos Aires
Richard Ross University of Sheffield
Amy Wisniewski University of Oklahoma
vacant Pateint Representative

Scientific Panel

Scientific Panel  
Faisal Ahmed Glasgow
Anna Nordenström Stockholm
Jillian Bryce Glasgow
Hedi Claahsen Nijmegen
Nils Krone Sheffield
Nadine Hornig Kiel
Salma Ali (Research Fellow) Glasgow
Cunyi Wang (Statistician) Office for Rare Conditions, Glasgow

Project Management Group

Project Management Group  
Faisal Ahmed (PI) University of Glasgow
Martina Rodie (Co-I) University of Glasgow
Jillian Bryce (Project Manager) University of Glasgow
Akanimo Okure (Database Engineer) University of Glasgow
Tom Muir (MVLS IT Manager) University of Glasgow
Hannah van Hove (Project Support) Office for Rare Conditions, Glasgow
Salma Ali (Research Fellow) University of Glasgow

Past Members

Demitted Members  
John Achermann University College London
Stephanie Bernstein Gottingen University
Feyza Darendeliler Istanbul University
Ian Ford University of Glasgow
Ieaun Hughes University of Cambridge
Leendert Looijenga Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Ellie Magritte
Berenice Mendonca University of Sao Paulo
Miriam Muscarella  Support Group, USA
Carol Proctor  Support Group, UK
David Sandberg University of Michigan
Richard Sinnott  University of Melbourne
Alex Springer  Medical University of Vienna
Claudia Wiesemann Universität Göttingen



Members usually serve on the Committee for 2-3 years.  If you are interested in being part of the I-DSD/I-CAH Steering Committee please contact the Project Manager for details