McGirr Lecture 2016

Photo of Dr Christine Goodall delivering the McGill Lecture 2016

At our annual McGirr lecture, Dr Christine Goodall spoke passionately about the charity she founded in 2008, in collaboration with the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit: Medics against Violence (MAV).

Dr Christine Goodall is a Senior Lecturer/Honorary Consultant Oral Surgeon at University of Glasgow/NHSGGC. Her research interests include the link between facial trauma, alcohol and violence.

MAV has three main workstreams: educational programmes in primary and secondary schools, youth clubs and prisons, aiming to prevent ‘recreational’ violence. MAV’s 250 healthcare volunteers have spoken to over 20,000 young people and they have won several awards.

In 2010 MAV started as a domestic abuse training initiative. Realising that few health professionals got any formal training on how to approach the issue with patients, MAV adapted an American programme, AVDR, initially to train dentists in recognising and responding. It is now called ASC (Ask Support Care) and has been further developed to include all health professionals; vets, fire officers and hairdressers. Christine trains all the medical and dental students at the University of Glasgow.

In 2016, Christine was awarded an OBE for her work in violence prevention.

First published: 10 October 2016