New PhD Research Project in Nursing & Health Care

Published: 1 December 2014

Performance and patient experience of Coban2 compression system for lymphoedema Lymphoedema is a long term condition which has significant impact on quality of life, mobility and independent living.

The 3M Coban2 Compression system has recently been introduced to the market. It is reported to be effective in reducing limb volume in people with upper or lower limb lymphoedema. However little is known about how the system performs in relation to patient activity over time while limb volume is reducing and to what extent compression levels are maintained.

The aims of the PhD are:

  • to examine short and long term effects of 3M Coban2 Compression system in terms of the interface pressures (i.e. the pressure between the skin and bandaging)
  • to evaluate the effect of physical activity on limb volume and interface pressures of people with lymphoedema when using the 3M Coban2 Compression system
  • to examine the effectiveness of the 3M Coban2 Compression system from the patients perspective i.e. in terms of pain, comfort, function.

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To apply, please send a CV, covering letter (clearly stating in your letter why you would like to be considered for this studentship) and the details of two academic referees to

First published: 1 December 2014