New and improved web based physio website

Published: 1 December 2014

Researchers from the Rehabilitation Research Group within the Nursing and Health Care School at the University of Glasgow have re-launched their new and improved web based physio website.

Thanks to Strategic Development funding from the School of Medicine the Rehabilitation Research Group are delighted to re-launch their new and improved web based physio website, Web-based physio, an internet delivered therapeutic exercise programme, has been developed by Researchers from the Nursing and Health Care School at the University of Glasgow. The web-based physio allows people the flexibility to do their own, individualised exercise programme at a time and location which is convenient to them, thus enhancing the individual’s ability to self manage their condition on a long term basis. The programme is remotely monitored by the physiotherapist and altered depending on the individual’s progress or change in condition.

The  feasibility and effectiveness of web based physiotherapy was assessed  in a 12 week randomised controlled trial in 30 people moderately affected by Multiple Sclerosis. The results of this pilot study, undertaken in NHS Ayrshire and Arran, demonstrated that web-based physiotherapy is a feasible and acceptable method of delivering physiotherapy, with participants demonstrating improvements in walking ability, physical functioning and MS symptoms. This project was funded by the Chief Scientist Office, Scotland (Grant ref: CZG/2/528). Publications from this work are currently under review.

We are continuing our work in Multiple Sclerosis both in Scotland and in collaboration with Researchers in New Zealand. We are also working with other long term conditions such as Ankylosing Spondylitis, Spinal Cord Injuries and COPD. For further information please contact

First published: 1 December 2014