School of Medicine: Year 1 MBChB Information 2018-2019

School of Medicine: Year 1 MBChB Information 2018-2019

Dear Student

Welcome to the University of Glasgow Medical School

As you start out on your chosen career in Medicine, I am very pleased to be able to welcome you to Glasgow, the Medical School that you have selected for your undergraduate training.

Already you have achieved the high academic standards required for entry to Medical School and have impressed us with your motivation, enthusiasm and commitment to the values of medicine.

I am sure that you will find the course both exciting and challenging.

Medicine is rewarding career and a privileged vocation. From the first day of your training you will be regarded by all staff as a junior member of the profession and with this will come added responsibilities, expectations and privileges.

As we strive to save more trees much of your information will be available electronically on this site and via Moodle, our virtual learning environment which you will have access to once semester starts.

Using links on this webpage you will be able to find various pieces of information including a programme for integration day on Wednesday 12th September. There is also a link to a suggested book list which will be useful during both year 1 and year 2. Many textbooks will be available electronically and I do not recommend you go out and buy all your books yet! Other links will appear offering information on various clubs, societies and professional bodies many of whom will be at our integration day event with special offers.

One important link which will be available in August is for “enrolment” giving instructions on what you need to do in advance of arriving. When you begin to enrol please do so ONLY on the four courses listed. Your group allocations and a copy of your current timetable will be given to you during integration events.

I look forward to meeting you all on Integration Day when you will learn more about the programme for first year and meet some of the senior staff involved and have the opportunity to officially say “hello”

Yours sincerely

Alastair Gracie signature

Professor Alastair Gracie

Deputy Head UG Medicine (early phases)
Director of Year 1 MBChB