Pre-Clinical Hospital Teaching

In Year 1 every medical student will undertake placements in three clinical areas:

  • In October or November students will visit a non-acute Medical Ward or a Care of the Elderly Unit.
  • In March students will visit a Cardiovascular/Respiratory ward.
  • In April/May students will visit an Emergency Medicine Unit.

In Year 2 every medical student will have three teaching visits. Visits are for clinical bedside teaching of history taking and clinical examinations in the following specialities:

  • In November the Gastrointestinal and/or Renal Systems will be taught.
  • In December the Cardiovascular and/or Respiratory Systems will be taught.
  • In March the Musculoskeletal and/or Neurological Systems will be taught.

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If you have any enquiries relating to Pre-Clinical Hospital Teaching, please contact the relevant Curriculum Support Administrator:

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