CAPS (Clinical and Procedural Skills) 

The Medical School requires students to begin to get exposure to each of the clinical skills aligned with Medicine and Surgery, and to get an experienced doctor or appropriate AHP to observe them.  Once the observer feels the student has achieved the required level of experience they are required to sign the student’s logbook.  The student must then take their logbook to their Educational Supervisor for the end of block assessment sign-off.

Educational Supervisors must only sign students off if they have completed all the skills at the correct level of proficiency. 

The below Clinical Skills Logbooks detail the required level of proficiency that is expected of Year 3 (Junior) and Year 4 (Senior) students by the end of their Medical and Surgical Blocks. 

Junior Medicine Clinical Skills Logbook
Senior Medicine Clinical Skills Logbook
Junior Surgery Clinical Skills Logbook
Senior Surgery Clinical Skills Logbook