Dr Spiros Adams-Florou

  • Lecturer (Mathematics)

telephone: 01413306528
email: Spiros.Adams-Florou@glasgow.ac.uk

Room 219
The Mathematics and Statistics Building
University of Glasgow
University Place

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Research Interests

For X a (finite) simplicial complex that is homotopy equivalent to a manifold the topological surgery exact sequence of X can be identified with the algebraic surgery exact sequence of X. The latter sequence, due to Ranicki, is defined using simplicially controlled categories. I seek to generalise the algebraic subdivision functor defined in my Ph.D. thesis to the L-theory of simplicially controlled categories thereby defining a mapping of algebraic surgery exact sequences: ASES(X) --> ASES(X'). By subdividing sufficiently one can get arbitrarily fine control thus allowing one to map to a controlled version of the surgery exact sequence. This procedure is hoped to give rise to a 'controlled total surgery obstruction' analogous to Ranicki's algebraic total surgery obstruction.

Research Groups




Last semester I lectured the following courses:
- SMSTC Geometry and Topology 1 (8/10 lectures)
- 1R Calculus (2/4 lecture classes)
Last semester I tutored the following courses:
- 1R 

This semester I was course head for the following courses:
- 2T: Topics in Discrete Maths
- 5M: Advanced Differential Geometry and Topology
This semester I also tutored 3H: Metric Spaces and Basic Topology.

Throughout the year I have been supervising 4 level 4 project students on the following topics:
- Calculus on Manifolds
- Surgery on 3-Manifolds

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