Individual courses

Staff of UK public sector bodies can also take individual modules from the MDataGov programme, provided they are sponsored by their employer. Learners working for international organisations and governments outside the UK might also be able to register. Please contact to inquire whether we can offer a place. Individual courses are currently not available to other learners.

Pre-requisite knowledge. Each course description lists prerequisite knowledge which you need to have in order to benefit from the course. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have this knowledge. We will not check whether you have this knowledge and our decision to admit you to a course does not imply that we deem your prior knowledge to be sufficient to benefit from the course.

If you have any questions about any individual courses or the application process please contact

Unless the availability of a course is restricted you can choose to take individual courses for credit or not for credit. The table below summarises the main differences between these two options.

 For creditNot for credit
Access to course material
(learning material, videos, etc.)
Yes Yes
Access to live sessions and/or one-to-one sessions with course tutors Yes Yes
Assessments Summative assessments are available. 75% of assessments of each course need to be completed to qualify for the award of credit. Summative assessments are not available.
Certificate Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) Attendance certificate to acknowledge participation
Fee £556 per course (10 credits) £556 per course


Hardware and software requirements

To take our courses all you need is a computer with an internet connection, an up-to-date version of a standard browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge) and a PDF reader (such as Acrobat Reader).

Though we encourage learners to install R and/or Python and provide detailed installation instructions, you can also use free cloud-based services (RStudio Cloud and Google Colab) if you prefer not to install R and/or Python on your computer.

You need to install Zoom for participating in videoconferencing sessions. We recommend the use of a headset for videoconferencing sessions.